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Hi there,

My daughters is getting married in July outdoors.

At the front, where she will say her vows, she would like tall flowers in tall vases.

Any ideas?

The colour theme is ivory and grey.

She did say she wanted apple blossom, till I told her it would not be in flower then!



Cream gladioli?  They take about 100 days from planting to flowering - approximately - depending on weather conditions of course - so I'd plant three lots timed to bloom after 90 days, 100 days and 110 days.  And there are some lovely creamy white delphiniums - but depending on when in July the wedding is they may be past their best.

I'd have a look at Sarah Raven's site for ideas. She also does courses for wedding and party flowers 

Good luck 


What about some polyanthus tuberosa - beautiful and she'll be surrounded by its perfume.  I tried to grow some for my daughter's wedding last summer (end July) - very hard to get them to bloom at the right time, but you may have more luck...

Probably not striking enough on their own, but mix with others?


The hardest part is getting them to flower at the right time, as has been mentioned.

Google search 'tall flowers in tall vase for july images' and see what you like the look of. They usually tell you what is included in the displays when you go to the link. Check to see if it is possible to get them to flower ready for big day and if so stagger the sowing/planting etc to cover a 3 week stretch about that time. This is not always easy.

Always have a backup plan if you are thinking of growing your own just in case they are not ready for the day. Enjoy the experience and don't let it stress you out with worry.  



Busy Bee2

Grey might not be easy to find in a flower, but maybe some eucalyptus branches as a background?  I love using it in flower arrangements.



Artemisia  and lavender could be the grey, with padding in the vase to increase height. Be careful with the white delphiniums, I have one that looks slightly grubby; cream may be better. Also have tree lilies, very spectacular. Cosmos grows very tall too.

Stacey Docherty

What about delphinium .... You would probably have to grow in a green house but!!! Or if you have the ££££ large white phalanopsis orchids arching out of a large straight glass ( we had at out wedding 4 in each case with butterflies) v attractive


Ikea do orchids very cheaply

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