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About 10 years ago I made a compost bin partly out of tanalised wood. Is there any significant danger of arsenic leaching into the compos, and so into my veg, or am I fussing about nothing. I understand that arsenic is present in many soild naturally, anyway.



I assume you've been using the bin Fuggle - in which case - it's probably too late to start worrying now!!

They do recommend not using any wood stains /preservatives etc on bins but most ready made bins are made of treated timber anyway so I'm not sure what they have in them that's different. If you're worried about it could you perhaps make a lining for it out of a breathable material or even plastic with some holes for ventilation. I've done something similar with mine using an old cover for outdoor furniture.

 I will do something similar to make a lid for it too. Hope that helps 

I say, what a very smart compost bin you have there Fairygirl. Better not let you see what mine looks like.

Thanks a lot folks



Very kind of you to say so Fuggle! It'll be better when I get it finished. Would have been easier making it from scratch as it's a bought one that you slot together but it means you can't remove the front to get compost out. Instead of saving myself some time and effort it created more! 

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