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Further  to my previous post about poor customer service from T&M, I contacted GW direct as I wouldn't expect anyone to trawl through the forum to sort out our problems. GW dealt with my complaint about T&M very promptly for which I was grateful. As far as I'm concerned the way to assess a good company is by the way they deal with any complaints and the way T&M dealt with mine was to ignore it! I will never order anything from them again.





Yes, result at last. Thank you Daniel, I was not aware of your special E-mail address. What a pity that  a particular forum member chose to abuse me verbally without reading my posting as you did; and replying.

Daniel Haynes

You're welcome, jatnikapyar. Do please let us know if you have any further problems with orders, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.


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