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I have recently joined the gardens world and have been amazed by the postage only to pay plant offer  from T&M via the Gardener World Magazine offer.

I must say I really disappointed with the quality of the plant received through this offer. What a waste of postage?

First I sent for the lavender. Which are not showing a good growth? Over half of the plants have now died.

Then I went for the perennial offer-when I got the plants through the post one line of plants were dead and few others look to be dead. 

and last one was the hardy climber and guess what only two looks to be good. is this just me having a bad luck or anyone else is having problem with it too. I ahve sent an email to T&M and i have yet to get a response.

I follow the nstruction as printed and gave them water repotted in bigger pot and yet nothing is helping.

Rant over



I would contact Gardeners' World Magazine about the poor quality plants you received from T&M. I had similar problems with this company as they sent me the wrong plants and only refunded me for their mistake when I insisted. They promised to send me the correct plants the following season and when I didn't hear anything from them, even after sending them several emails I finally contacted Gardeners' World and after some correspondence with them, I finally received some replacement plants. However, I don't think they would have bothered if GW wouldn't have contacted them. If GW  have T&M  offers in their magazine I think they have to take some responsibility for their very poor customer service.

Thank you Patrevlil.

I will do just as you say.

Have a good weekend


The only offer you can really rely on are the ones for bulbs


The perennials are likely to be bare roots - so look 'dead' but will grow next year.

Lavender are not likely to grow much until next spring.


Climbers also only put on growth after a period of settling in the ground. Clematis really do take 2-3 years to take off.


I am a subscriber too and take advantage of most of the 'free offers' where you only pay for p and p and to be honest in the main I have been happy with what I have received. The bulbs especially are great, but I did send for the bare root perennials and most are happily growing in my greenhouse now. Some got big enough to plant this summer but others didnt, but whos complaining as they will grow eventually. I love the challenge and my biggest one now is where to put everything as we have run out of space!!!


Daniel Haynes

Hello Preksha,

I'm sorry to read that you've had a bad experience with your order. We passed this on to the customer service team at T&M, and they're keen to put things right. Here is their response in full:

"Thompson & Morgan are committed to supplying only the finest quality products, and we welcome feedback from our customers. Please contact us on 0844 573 6054 or email so we can help to resolve any outstanding issues and ensure you are happy with your experience with Thompson & Morgan."

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance, do please let me know.

Daniel Haynes

I ordered the hardy climber collection not knowing what to expect.  The plants were in Jiffy plugs and all looked OK on arrival.  5 out of 6 have come on very well but the 6th, one of the Passiflora, hasn't made it  

If I'd paid for the plants I would have contacted T&M, but as it is I'm happy with what I have.  I've also ordered bulbs but they haven't arrived yet.


I ordered the 100 allium bulbs which arrived today and the bulbs all look ok. None are soft. I did have some perennials arrive that were mushy and got my postage refunded. This was the only bad pack I've had far. I hope it doesn't put you off any future plants on offer.


I have not had either the alliums yet or the bulbs but I hope they are on their way! I think the time lag betweeen ordering and arrival is too long.


The only one's I've ordered so far were the perennials - tiny little plugs which all appeared healthy on arrival.  

They had to wait 24 hours until I planted on into modules and they're now in the coldframe growing on very nicely.  

I've lost 2 delphiniums, two echinacea and 3 penstemons, which I think is acceptable given the outlay - they were very tiny plugs.


Hi Daniel Haynes, fancy you responding.......I'm surpriced, as other forum members and I have asked the same questions as Perseka and  Patrevlil and you have not bothered to comment. What has changed now for you to do so. I do not think it is OK to accept bad customer service just because the offer is "free" products for only P&P. After all, in theory they are trying to get rid of surplus stock. As long as we are prepared to accept it they will not change their attitude. We as a nation, put up with it which encourages these firms to take advantage. The only way is to stop giving them our money, which will hit their profits.

Looks like jantkinapyar got out of the wrong side of the bed today!  The response from GW via Daniel came within 24 hours of the original post in the thread.  I don't think that is an excessive delay. 

I guess that Daniel does have more to do in his day than sit glued to this forum!

By the way, I have no connection withe Daniel or GW, but do believe in giving people credit where it's due.


Thank you KT53, this problems have been highlighted before on this forum and the same questions asked, but Daniel has chosen to ignore them. That is my point.


I don't want to appear to speak for Daniel, but perhaps he doesn't usually have the time to read every post, or even every thread, on this forum - however due to the recent technical problems he has been on the Forum rather a lot lately and this one appears to have caught his eye.

This forum is not the best way to contact GW with a complaint about a product - we can PM or email Daniel directly which is much the best way to draw his attention to a problem.



I cant see how it is Daniels problem. The plants are supplied by T&M and they are responsible for the quality or otherwise of plants sent out.

I certainly dont expect Daniel to read every thread on the forum.


I can't keep up, and i'm forever on here !!


It is not Daniels' problem, but he is with GW and they advertise T&M products. Buyers are seduced to buy from them thru' association as they trust GW. But only once, if they go back to them after bad customer service; then it is their own responsibility. This is my humble opinion.


I find T & M very hit and miss. Somewhere between a third to a half of the plugs I buy don't make it. I keep buying from them, though, because I never actually learn my lesson. If I had a pound for everytime I'd said 'never again' to T & M only to lemming-like leap after yet another 'offer' I would be rich enough to go to a proper nursery and buy decent plants instead.

Daniel Haynes

Hello jatnikapyar,

I do my best to respond to queries on the forum, and certainly don't 'choose to ignore' questions. As Dovefromabove commented above, I don't have time to read through every single on of the thousands of posts that appear on the forum every week. When I do come across an order-related query, such as on this thread, I do of course respond.

If you have any question or complaint relating to the site, the easiest way to ensure a response is to either direct message me, or email I'm often away from my desk in meetings, but be assured I'll respond as soon as I pick up messages.

If you have a complaint about an order placed through the magazine or website, our Offers team will be happy to help. Please email them at: