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Hi everybody, I have just exchanged my tescos club card vouchers with t&m. I had 5pds from tescos & it was worth 15pds with t&m so I have just brought 24 penstemons, 36 salvias and got free fertilliser with that and also brought a plant called chocolate daisy ( thought it would smell lovely ) so all of that was under 15pds anyway. Got to the checkout thinking I would have to just pay the 6.90 for postage and it turns out p&p is FREE this weekend!! Am absolutely over the moon! So all in all I got all of my plants for free near enough! Their is no minimum spend either which is a Bonus. Just wanted to let you guys know about this offer, it ends midnight monday so still plenty of time. Jem x
Pennine Petal
I love value for obey. I must check if we have any vouchers!

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