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Last summer a tree fell down in my garden, Tarzan swing of 20+ years still intact. I decided to drag it behind my bench where nothing grows, add a few old branches from other trees and hey presto - is this the general idea of a stumpery - and what do I   do next? 

Sorry sideways




I would try to dig around them so the 'stumps' are partially in the soil, a bit like a rockery - then you can plant ferns, hostas and hellebores around them, and I also like the look of some climbing/trailing plants over the stumps, maybe some herbaceous clematis or even ivies (if you're prepared to keep it under control). 


Thanks Dove, The upright stumps are partly in the ground already. Think I'll steer clear of ivy but certainly ferns and hostas. I hope it proves to be an interesting part of the garden but easy enough to remove if it turns out a disaster! The main tree trunk is well rotted and much of it broke away as I moved it so it won't be a lifelong project but good fun for now!


ooo no sorry Edd, some stumps already have their 'own' mushroons -  nice idea, just not for me!

star gaze lily

Looking good MrsG,  look forward to more pics. Ferns and climbers sound good, 


thank you. I'll let you know the progress - its in the area which is dark and dry, so that will add 'drama' and plants suggested should be ok with shade at least. better than before when it was a bit of a dumping ground!
Bump for sgl. Have rearranged and added some plants now so looks a bit different. Tarzan rope still there though!
star gaze lily

Ah yes MrsG,  remember it now. Hoping to get some assorted shapes/sizes of logs etc.  Want to put plants in too. A fern and some 'woodland' type plants. Look forward to seeing your new stumpery. Thanks for bumping thread up.

ahhh edd that's my lovely bench
t'other side is a bit of a messy fence.

I saw the stumpery at Highgrove, and it was just that - stumps.

It was where a large tree had been cut off low plus the large roots.  There was a whole pile of them, and pretty ugly they were.  Black.  Admittedly the whole thing was softened by ferns but it was something that did not appeal. 

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