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I have used both methods depending on how much time I have. I have a mattock which I use to make the ridges or to do the initial earthing up. I do find that the growth often goes sideways out of the side of the ridge which can be annoying. After the planting or the initial earthing up I then earth up using grass clippings as I have access to a large amount of this. This stops the potatoes going green and makes for an easier harvest. I suspect that yield may be affected though but I am generally happy with what I get and the back doesn't ache as much... Of course the grass clippings also gets incorporated into the soil by worms and when harvesting - a win/win situation.

I drop each spud in a deep hole then slightly earth up, then as growth shows, earth up more.

No expert

I form ridges and furrows. Plant the seeds in the furrows and cover seed with every secon ridge. Every other is used to earth up when sprouts are 6 to 8 inches tall.


I use a method similar to what No expert does.

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That was how my late dad sowed the spuds at home in his garden. Old ways are nearly always best.



remember as  a kid in the early 60s with my late dad. earthing up spuds with my triang weelborrow 

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