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Went to Tatton yesterday with my partner,( big mistake going with him as he has no interest in gardening.) I was a little dissapointed as there didn't seem to be that many show gardens. They were dotted about the show ground among loads of stalls selling everything  you can think of to go in the garden, many far too expensive for the average gardener !  I enjoyed the floral tent and bought some seeds, there was a nice primula i liked but it was £6, for 1 plant ! Who else has been and what did you think?


The varieties of plants you get at a flower show like Tatton are not the cheap, mass produced, common or garden ones you find in garden centres and supermarkets and DIY stores.  They are more unusual and usually raised by hand by the nursermen and women selling them and sometimes from seed they have gathered themselves on expéditions to their place of origin or specially bred and selected.  That explains the price difference. 

Primulas increase quite easily so you could have bought one, grown it on and multiplied it by division when it was big enough and then you'd have free plants.   Most plants can be increased by division or cuttings so, as long as you have patience, you can get lots of free plants.

The size, style and budgets of the show gardens at Tatton, Hampton Court, Malvern and so on are very different from the ones at Chelsea and they tend to have themes.   The great thing about all the shows is being able to see plants at the peak of their condition and talk to the growers about their cultivation needs so you can determine whether they will be right for your garden or skills level.

Next time, go with propagation in mind and a friend who likes plants and it will be a much more rewarding day out.



we went yesterday . i thought the gardens were to far spaced out as well . i never buy anything . as i grow from seed . or cuttings that i beg or get given. and the the price of the shabby chic . dolly tubs sinks etc .makes me


 and we took our own champers as well


bump . anyone go today

the tidy gardener

I thought the same aliesh. I loved the floral marque, that's what I went for, but the show gardens being all over the place I couldn't figure it all out! and the programmes were £4, the cost of the tickets and coach for us was enough,without more expense, and yes,the amount of retail was way too much.

and the ice creams!! only posh magnums. we took our own sanwhiches and drinks. bought a few bits,and yes,it was great the different plants you could buy,fantastic variety .

did you see it on bbc2 tho? there were show gardens I didn't see!! then realised I had, they look better on tv!


I went on Thursday, it was the first flower I'd been to. It was unbelievably hot but the organisers, me thought, had planned for it and there were lots of places to buy drinks and ice cream. There was also lots of shade to eat a prepared picnic.

It was busy but I didn't feel hasselled as the walkways were wide. I bought a catalogue but didn't really read it until on the coach back home so missed the allotments and we didn't get to the outdoor flower section until late afternoon which I'd liked to have spent more time looking before buying.    

I liked the childrens gardens. We had a very interesting talk given about a school in Manchester who had made a garden. Could have spent the day in the floral tent and country living one but were advised at the information desk to go to these first as they would become too hot in the afternoon.

Good day out...


yay that schools  down the road from me



I watched it on bbc2 and enjoyed the relaxed presenting by Monty Don and  the team. It didn't look too crowded and the long shots gave the feeling of space. 


All looked well planned.

Will go next year, not least to speak to the nurserymen and women 

Would lije to see more photos if anyone has them, thanks 

ps. can anyone compare it with Chelsea and Hampton Court?  

I'm thinking the Harrogate show in September...


I went to Chelsea 2 years ago, it was amazing  very different from Tatton

At Chelsea all the gardens are together, the main show gardens are on one avenue and the artisan gardens are also together, then the stalls are seperate but there are not realy any plants to buy there,

I realy enjoyed Chelsea the gardens were fab and they all had leaflets were you could send for the plants they used.

If you are wanting to buy plants Tatton have plenty but like i said earlier some are a little over priced. I took photos of the plants i liked ( they are all labeled ) i have ordered some alliums i saw there that were covered in bees i have got 40 for £3.95 from Sarah Raven, i think they were 15 for £5.00 from the stall at Tatton.

I have not been to any other shows.but would love to go to Harrogate.


I went to Chelsea for the 1st time this year- photos attached- Cleve West was my favourite espeacially as I was creatign a similar gravel garden in my mum's new house garden- minus the fountain!


Cleve West winning Show Garden.  what are the yellow spires?  My re-creation was goingto have a path but too many gorgeous plants to use to bother with a path....


Some more photos of Chelsea- taken Monday before it was open to the public






Here are my Chelsea photos from this year - Artisan gardens

Main gardens -

and Floral Pavilion -

I went to Tatton in 2007.   here's how it compared to Chelsea the same year -

Tatton -

Chelsea -

I did enjoy buying plants at Tatton.  Only ever get lily bulbs and assorted seeds, gloves and once an obelisk at Chelsea.


Fantastic photos OB- very professional


Bubba Ray

I've been going to Tatton Park for the last 6 years but this year we didn't go (hoping to go next year). We always go on the last day, why, because of the sell off at 4 of course! 

If you want to take home a part of a certain garden go on the Sunday, over the years we have purchased agapanthus at £3 a pot, penstemon £2 a pot and a hole lot more. The prices are usually lowered for the last day too. I remember my first visit to Tatton and on the way out we passed a trade stall selling Dahlia's for 50p each.

The only trade stall I will visit before the sell off is Harts, as they have outstanding Lillies. 

Thank you very much for the photos dizzylizzy and obelixx, just finished browsing both. Can see the differences, it does depend on what you like  .

I'm thinking of a gravel garden for my small front space and had forgotten about Cleve Wests. Dizzylizzy were you pleased with your Mums garden  when  it was finished?

Bubba Ray,   you obviously enjoy Tatton and get some very good bargains thanks, it's worth knowing for when I visit next year.


Bubba Ray

You'll see me hovering over the stalls next year Bizzie, just before they are packing up! 

As you can tell I love a bargain.



Yes my mum's garden does look lovely- I keep adding plants to it- those I bought for myself but can't plant at the moment until I have done a major chop back- plants seem to have exploded over the paths.


I will take a photo tonight of my mum's new gravel garden, it was a sparse lawn before- now virtually maintenance free and something to look at as the various plants swell in size and come into flower.



Zoomer44 wrote (see)

I'm thinking the Harrogate show in September...


 Hi, Yes, another very good show. I'm trying to squeeze the friday in before going away on the saturday. Also Malvern Show coming up in September too. No shortage of choice