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hi, can anyone tell me the right time to move a large thalictrum plant, its over 6 ft tall and right at the front of a border with no support., also i want to pass some seeds on to my daughter should they be planted in pots or straight in the ground? thanks


Hi Pam, you can cut it down and move it during autumn.  My one was a self sown seedling but you might be better sowing the seeds into a pot - someone on here might be able to give you a bit more info.

I moved mine last autumn and managed to split it into 3 plants. All have done well this year well over 6ft.


IME if you look carefully around near/sometimes not so near (!) the plant you should find several 'babies', from previous yrs self-sown seeds. Ok the foliage is very similar to that of Aquilegias if you also have those, but you should be able to identify the thalictrums. They pot up & transplant very well in spring/autumn. J.



I'd sow thalictrum in pots now. Most, if not all, Ranunculaceae like to be sown fresh now. No heat required, you can leave them outside, grit on top, germinate in spring.

They'd probably be OK straight into ground, but I find pots of seedlings easier to manage than seedlings amongst weeds in the garden

thanks everyone,theres lots to think about, i will sow some in pots and some straight outside, its covered in seeds so lots to choose from. 

maud, how did you split your plant? did you just pull it apart?

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