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Orchid Lady
LOL Nut, you make me laugh. Dove, you've painted a lovely picture in my mind of your bookcase and I can understand why you can't find your book.

Yes I am finding myself getting carried away, carried away on here and not working!! I've got so many plans and questions in my head, but not asking any more for now or everyone will get fed up of me and my endless questions LOL!
star gaze lily wrote (see)

Perhaps you need another 'map' to find it all Nut 


I think so lily.

I failed to mention the filing cabinet. Maybe it's in there

star gaze lily

Tracey, are you getting 'carried away'   sorry i'll get my coat 

Orchid Lady
Lol much I want to do and I'm not very patient!! Anyway, the sun has gone and now it's raining so couldn't go in the garden anyway, back to work......focus!!!

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