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Thank you both for taking the time to answer ... I watched a clip on youtube and apparently you have to cut it down low, and you have 15 seconds to get the poison in !!! it seems the bamboo is so clever that it knows you have cut it down, and immediately closes down that shoot and sends another new one somewhere else! so you have to out smart it Who knew !

I also tried this product with no success at all.  When I contacted the makers they assured me that they never produce a bad batch!!  Mention a refund and again must be my fault, or wrong type of weed.  Have now binned it.

I used this product about 2 months ago and as promised, the weeds died, but unfortunately so has the grass around them! I treated around 40 dandilions on my front lawn (we had just moved in) only to find 2 weeks later that we had 40 brown rings where there were once green weeds! Think the weeds looked better!

Does anyone know whether the grass will recover or whether I should re-seed?

I'm new to gardening - must have caught the grass when dabbing the weeds with the gel (it doesn't specifically say it will kill the grass if it touches it - I bought it because it said it could be used on lawns)

any help appreciated before i fore I start to rake it up and use Patch Magic!



Roundup gel kills what it touches, no recovery.

Thanks nutcutlet,

That's what I feared... My next question is that since my weed killing faux-par we've signed up to a lawn treatment programme which includes an aeration and scarification in the autumn (we have lots of moss). Would it be best to wait until after that to re-seed the patches? Or would we benefit from patching it now?




I don't think I'm the person to ask Jenny. I have grass and I like the clover, daisies, speedwell, dandelions etc. They're what keeps my lawn green in summer

Hi JennyMc,

I'd re-seed now, as grass grows really quickly in the summer and you probably don't want to be looking at the brown patches. I wouldn't bother with Patch Magic though, just buy small packet of ordinary lawn seed and mix with some compost.

You might have to do a re-seed after the autumn scarification though, but that's not a problem.  We've had the lawn treatment programme for the last 2-3 years and it's brilliant, a very green lawn, not a weed in sight, saves a lot of time and effort - worth every penny! The scarification bit makes it look very scraggy and horrifying for a bit but it soon picks up again.

Going back to the Roundup Gel, I found it's useless as I can't get any out. I can't even get the top off to stick a brush in it - has anybody else tried?


Lizzie - it has a clicker on the bottom - but i haven't found it very good even when i can get the gel out.  Don't like using sprays, as they are indiscriminate.... So i am back to the daisy grubber

Thanks Chicky, I keep trying the clicker button but still nothing comes out - think I'll try puncturing it and pouring the gel into another bottle. Can't waste £8 odd!

Lesley Fouche

I have found roundup gel works well.  Great for weeds in between flowers, just a dab really does the trick.  It does take a while but while it is working it gives you time to do other work. Initially I was impatient, and kept looking at the progress, but as you know watching will not speed up the inevitable.

Hi together

I have a big Problem in my garden with the Calystegia sepium. It's now almost 10 days ago when I used Roundup Gel on them for testing. Against the specific products, Roundup Gel seems to work very slow or poor. The plants may have some weak leaves, but are by far far away from dieing. Does anybody have experience on these plants? Is it working that extremely slow? Or should I repeat the usage? Or is the Gel too low concentrated? Or something else?

Tks a lot for your attention.


I'm using it to get rid of Jap Anem in between other plants.  It does work you just need to be patient.


Better a slow total death than instant dying of top growth and return of weed

If you treat well grown plants with glyphosate they die. You do have to let the weeds get a good growth on before you treat them.

I don't use any weedkiller much but when I do it's glyphosate and it works


Yep it takes weeks to work, but actually does work, properly. I wonder, re the dandelion 'brown circles' in the lawn, whether the grass was touched or whether the dandelions just prevented the grass growing round them - hence leaving bare soil when they died.

I use roundup gel and have never had any problems. 

I use it on bindweed which was here when we moved . I let it grow up canes then dab it on. Slowly but surely we're winning with it. I also use it on self sown aquilegias which get in among the crowns of my hostas 

I've not used mine yet. Hosts you kill aquilegias? ever any spare seed you know where to send your "weed" glosphate does work well though patience is key

ice, the trouble is they send down a fast growing tap root and before they sent up top growth, that root is too big to weed out from the crowns of hostas.

I used to let them be, but sometimes they are more vigorous than the hostas, so they've had to go.

What nice People in this Forum. That many answers in such a short time. Thank you all!

So I will be patient another ten days and may be treat some more leaves in between, and look, how it goes.