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I remember looking in Redgates window ( big toy shop of the time, bit like toysRus ). I really really wanted the huge, larger than life, size of a Childs bed, stuffed toy dog. It had, as you'd expect, an equally huge price tag. On christmnas morning when I got a (tiny) maybe a metre long dog, I remember being devastated and at the same time feeling so grown up as I pretended to be as pleased as punch, of course even this toy would have cost my parents an arm and a leg. I've still got it, well its still at mums. He's called Admiral.

Around 1952, a Christmas tree. My father could not afford Christmas Tree Lights (he worked for the BBC and they paid peanuts in those days) so he made a light. He took a large metal NHS dried milk tin and cut 'windows' out of it and covered them with red crepe paper. He wired it in from the base with a light fitting, an ordinary bulb, plugged in; magic

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