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Mine was definitely "Jacko"  roller skates. Lovely red ones. Plus I didn't have to share them, unlike the Dolls' house


 Should have posted this in Potting Shed. Sorry.

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Oh Kef, its a toss up. I had red jacko skates too, they were great. But one year I had a dolls house, my dad made it. It had lights and everything. Each room could have the lights on or off it was brill.

My sisteris a lot older than me and one year she gave me a kitten, she was beautiful (the kitten lol) a long haired tabby just like you used to see on chocolate boxes.


Absolutely no question about it - a toy farm my Pa had made for me - it was absolutely beautifully made -  it had cow sheds  and pig styes with white painted walls and red roofs and a meadow with a green hedge all around it and a pond that shone like a mirror , and there were cows and sheep and pigs and goats and chickens and ducks and geese and a lady with a bowl of grain for the poultry and she had a headscarf and looked just like my Ma!  It was the best present in the world and I've got tears running down my face 


When I was about 5 my grandad gave me a very heavy christmas present about 9 x 4 x 4 inches.  When I asked him what it was he told me it was a brick (I believed him and cried apparently!)   On Christmas day I opened it to find.. you guessed it.. a pair of roller skates!   


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Oh Dove you've made me cry too. Such lovely happy memories.  We may not have had all theses new gadgets but we had great fun, a very very happy childhood.   

Keyser Soze

Half of an old pair of tights with a satsuma in the bottom!

Only kidding!

A toy fort my Dad made for me when I was around 7 or 8.

Kids today seem to have so much but I am guilty of spoiling mine, as long as they value things.

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Isn't it lovely that our favorite things were lovingly made for us by our dads. 

And lucky that they were so great at carpentry !


Crickey, didn't want to make peeps . Hugs x

I was torn between roller skates and my scooter, but I picked roller skates, since the scooter is the reason I have one leg longer than the other.

Some great Dad made pressies


A miniature bookcase and chair,painted pink, and made by my Dad and Grandad.with a cushion covered in a remnant of one of her flowery dresses made by Mum.

I can also remember Mum making miniature outfits for my Tressy doll as the shop bought ones were too expensive.


Gilly, Tressy doll, mine had dark hair and after many years of winding it in and out she was nearly bald. Thanks for the memory


Dove - I had the same lady with a headscarf and a bowl of grain on my farm too plus hay ricks and stooks.  I had to make my own sheds out of cardboard but had loads of animals to go in the sheds - a fantastic present with hours and hours of fun re-arranging the chickens and positioning the bull in frightening poses (jumping over fences).

A rusty old red heavy-duty scooter - I was never allowed a bike so this was the nearest I got!



Gosh I feel such an ungrateful child I can't even remember what I was given throughout the years! (I'm going to blame the bump to the head I got in 2004 for ruining my memory).


I always got presents that were thought suitable for a girl. Only trouble was it just meant that my sister got twice as many dolls. There was the year I wanted a bike, and got a dolls pram. I swapped it with the lad next door but one, for his bike. He was quite happy wheeling it up and down. I was ecstatic until his father ( ex Notts Forest football player) came and exchanged them back again. This continued until I finally got what I really really wanted. When I was 10 I got a greenhouse and a book by Percy Thrower.


I was given an unwanted dolls pram. Filling it with soil wasn't what I was expected to do. my parents should have foreseen that, earth-moving was big for the kids in our area at the time. Enormous holes for dens. Joining two together underground was vetoed by all parents. I can't think why


The boys on the street used to dig dens in the  field next to the old quarry. They covered it up with corrugated sheets and wouldn't let us girls in.  We used to sneak up on them in the long grass. Only thing was our dog (alsation x labrador) used to give us away if she barked at  anyone.


Ma gave up giving me dolls ......... eventually .  Pa knew me best