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I agree with Pauline 7, keep at it Mike!

Mike.......I rather think you may be reading too much into this...........I don't think for a minute anyone on here is suggesting that you haven't worked hard for what you have achieved..........but in that respect, you are little different from many other posters on this forum. You do have a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on ( again, like many others here ) is sometimes perhaps the way you do it that causes some indignation from other posters.
You do not need to keep reminding everyone of your qualifications, is in your profile and those who are interested can take a look and go from there.
I know that you are recovering from various medical conditions but you are perhaps only causing yourself more angst by getting het up when someone takes exception to your manner of responding to basic queries.
As far as I can see, everyone here enjoys a good debate and a joke and sometimes threads can wander somewhat from the original subject but when someone poses a question, a basic straightforward response would be welcomed, particularly if the query comes from a beginner.
You may well wish to query someone's basic knowledge but there are nicer ways to do one enjoys being patronised after all. You are talking to the gardeners of the future after all.........encouragement is what is needed .....knowledge will follow and you can help here.
I don't say this as a Young 'Un.............I'm only 10 years behind you..........but younger people have just as many problems in life these days.......just different problems to the ones you may have experienced.
Well, I've said my bit and I hope you will take this in the spirit it is intended.
Orchid Lady
Morning Mike, I've nit been around for a few days so missed you post I look forward to receiving my book and hope you are feeling better than you have recently, you certainly seem more positive just try not to take comments to heart too much. X

What is this book and may I be able to buy it in WH Smiff

Punica.......I'm afraid you are a bit out of date

For good gardening books, I'd suggest your local library or even Amazon.

If it is some subject  in particular which you need to read up on, perhaps start a new thread?

Hope this helps 


David............don't panic............a teensy bit of stirring I think given the discrepancy in the dates



Hmmm....what a strange coincidence 

OL..........forget soon for you I think ?  Have a lovely time


I wonder who punica is really?

Orchid Lady

Well I vote that we just stop posting on this thread or any other similar thread and stop feeding whoever it is that wants to bring them back again  

I'm thinking of changing my name too so I'm not associated with any OL posts!!!!

Thanks awfully.