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John Harding
little-ann wrote (see)


Me too, maybe it's my age but I don't understand the 'ping' thing. Can anyone enlighten? 


It's the kitchen spam problem John. If we just bump up a topic by just puttting a post on it -or just a word- the spam gets pushed down the page and the genuine topics stay up. 

Hope that makes sense!

You should use a different gardening related word each time, but one letter on alphabetically. 

I don't know why. 


I also didn't get the ping thing know what you mean now when will the kitchen people get the message?  don't they realise we are NOT interested.

I buy a new one each time I see the advert.  Garage is full of them. 

Keyser Soze

My Mam had a load of Goldfish and Koi that were eaten by the local Heron. She was quite upset but when she saw the Heron. She took pity on it as "it looked so thin" she said.

The next day she got a load of Mackeral from the fishmongers and laid them on the lawn to feed the Heron. Needless to say the Heron ignored them but we were frequented by lots of Gulls for quite some time!



Buggers aren't they!

Keyser Soze

They are but would swap all our Magpies for Herons any day!

Glad John asked about the "ping" thing.  I didn't know that either.    Will do that myself then.

Hate to say this but it's the girls who seem to cotton on to these things whilst us blokes plod on indifferently.  However, we are more cleverererer...........!

Daft things I do?  I only sprayed a dahlia in a pot with strong insecticide last week .....I over concentrated it and poured it over the dahlia.  Knew it made no sense at the was meant to control bug worm in geraniums......but still did it.  Dahlia now looks's not. It will recover.  But wot a silly billy I am at times.  Ironically, I'm replaciNg with soap sprays so won't do that again.


Keyser I was talking about the gulls!!

I love herons. The day after we bought three new  koi for the small pond at last house three herons flew overhead. They must have thought -'that's handy , one each for tea'! Neeedless to say we got the net on very quickly! They're beautiful birds - apart from when flying - they look a bit daft then. Pterodactyls  

No Verd- we're more cleverererer than you - definitely...and better edjukated.

You is groselly misstakin Fairygirl  and you is grandmatically incorrect in wot you rite.  Go back to skool


Children..really ..behave.

I've just had a mad moment. Inspecting runner beans and saw a lily beetle, not that I'm constantly looking for them. Oops not a lily but a bean flower. Lily beetle on beans  I will get my coat. 


sorry i confused some of you, in the old days when i were a lass and we used the bbc forum pinging was commonplace 



That's where I discovered what it meant litttle-ann.  Thought everyone had gone mad with their 'pings' and 'bumps'.


Verdun and Fairy G

Hiya Artjak.


Hello Verdun, have been so manically busy over past week that haven't had time to 'forumise'


Wondered where you'd been art 

Verd and me is learning speling and grammur and stuf...

I can ping and bump with the best of 'em. Hurts now though...