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Thanks for the encouragement FG. Trouble is they've both disappeared now and actually it's the self seeded Delphs that are probably in the wrong place. A lot got neglected last year as I was reeling from other events. 

I shall work on that patch for next year and seek out the remains of the lilies and mark them as you suggest.



Take care if you're digging near where the lilies  are so that you don't spear the bulbs!


I thought since we are outside less and have lots of new Forkers I would re-hash this thread. So many amusing stories, hope you enjoy as much as I did and add your contribution to it

star gaze lily

Kef read some of these very funny, must get round to reading through them all    

A few years ago i made casserole for our evening meal,--------- i also made some gravy to go with it!!  



Lily wot u like ?


had a dentist appointment . after work .took a clean pair of jeans . tried to get changed . in to my wife to be best pair of levis


archie u are worse than Lily

star gaze lily

Not long after I got married I made a stew with dumplings, what I didn't realise was that while cooking dumplings got bigger. I'd made them quite a  good size so by the time they'd cooked they were lifting the saucepan lid off! They were very tasty, just rather large. My OH teased me for years lol.

Delia i'm not, but i am much better now! 


Archie - I once went out all day in my step sons chinos without noticing until he was looking for them! 


MrsG ..I'd boast about that one forever.

Natural Way Permaculture

I don't think this as daft but everyone seems to think that I am for doing so; I'm the sort of guy who actually propagates "On purpose" Dandelion root cuttings...

Permaculturist for you, I do it for many really important reasons; they work wonders to neglected and low grade soils and simply disappear when their job is done.

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