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I'll have you know FG, that falling in the pond can be a very frightening experience and is not something to be laughed at. 


my daftest thing was leaving the rake up the wrong way and hubby walking on it.. took out one of his front teeth.. i laughed at the time and still now as i am writing this..


i have toadflax in my garden in one area with achillea.. love htem togehter.. i just dig up any rogue ones and plant them there as i love them as do the bees.. so any plants that are loved be bees and butterflies stay in my garden.

gardeningfantic wrote (see)

my daftest thing was leaving the rake up the wrong way and hubby walking on it.. took out one of his front teeth.. i laughed at the time and still now as i am writing this..

I'm laughing reading it.  Cruel aren't we.  Good job it wasn't the other way round.


My sister did that too with the rake but she did laugh when she told me 

I had to get those adhesive stitches on my cheek after my 'flying spade' incident...had to drive myself to hosp. too!

Tina- you should have learnt your lesson and just worn swim armbands at all times afterwards..


Pottie Pam

It wasn't me who did a daft thing but my MIL who was staying with us in between houses. She was making a stew and asked my daughter who was about five at the time to bring some onions in from the garage. She brought daffodil bulbs instead. The stew tasted fine but my young son didn't eat his so the dog got his share. Within about five minutes the dog was violently sick and one after another we all followed suit. We realised what had happened and rang the doctor who laughed and told us to drink plenty of milk. There were no lasting effects but I did hear that someone had died after eating daffodil bulbs. My MIL and dog are no longer with us sadly but we often laugh about it now.

Hmm, not my garden but my father-in-laws.

We're lucky enough to to be able to use the in-laws villa over in Spain each year and I'm quite happy to potter about, doing a bit of weeding and removing suckers from the lemon and orange tree's. Last time we were there, I mixed up the new weedkiller (all in Spanish , but could figure the numbers) and sprayed the weeds. The FIL said that they'd be dead within the week. It's worth mentioning that my Spanish is based on grocery shopping and going to restaurants, not the normal day to day stuff....

One week later and the weeds were bigger and stronger than ever. It turns out I'd used a soluble fertilser and given the weeds a good feed! I bet they couldn't believe their luck!

Good job it wasn't the other way around 


Guess who didn't know that Hostas died down in the winter, so frantically repotted them, fed them, took them indoors. Was enlightened by my Mum.



Great stories everyone- cheered me up no end since the rain is chucking it down!!


Its fine here.  Just planted out some hostas and geums



Verd- I've really gone off you....


FG, how do we know Verd's not telling porky pies just to make us envious.

Found this thread really funny, at other's expense.  The daft things we do.

It's only 2 o'clock.


Tina- in that case he'll have to get his coat...

Not really garden related, but it was outside - OH was doing something to the suspension on the rangie, I asked him what he wanted for lunch, it made him jump so violently, the spanner slipped and hit him in the face.  When the swearing stopped, he came out from underneath the car, I took one look, handed him the kitchen roll, and told him to get into the car (my little fiesta I had at the time was fine), as it was clear he needed stitches in his lip (it was split nearly all the way through).  He said NO, and went upstairs to examine the damage - against my advice, he doesn't do blood at all.  There was a big thump as he passed out and landed on the loo.  I gave him five minutes to come around, he was downstairs in about three, looking very green around the gills, and said nothing all the way to hospital.

What is it with Men, they get a paper cut and it's the end of the world, if they nearly sever a limb with an angry grinder, they think it'll be fine if they just dab some iodene around the edges.


Well, it did happen outside MPP and, of course, it was your fault.



I remember when I was a lot,lot younger planting a bottle of that soapy stuff you get with a wand to blow bubbles beacause I wanted a bubble tree.

I live in the countryside and have to "share" the garden with the local wildlife ....

Crocus-eating mice, soft fruit squirrels fiends, shrub prunning deer are all tolerated ... but the latest visitors are a family of hungry hares. They are lovely, but they seem to know when I've been on a plant buying expedition and show up to sample the new menu.

So ... in exasperation at the disappearance of every flower off my tulipa tarda and every pulsatilla bloom I've come up with a daft idea ...

I've found a wooden football rattle that my husband had as a youngster .. and I'm now seen legging it into the garden making a helluva racket when the hares come by ..... it has sent them running off and saved some plants. (Also gave a large tawny owl a bit of a fright!)

Husband thinks I've totally lost the plot! Luckily we've no neighbours or they'd be phoning the authorities about the crazy lady next door .....


Good job you added that last para Bee witched cos I could see the men in white jackets coming for you.  Must be an hilarious sight, no doubt done in nightclothes at times.

Hiya .... yes, there is a night shift.

I hang out of the bedroom window if the security light comes on and rattle for all I'm worth  .... could end in tears!