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An 'outside' story, rather than gardening; when I was a child we lived near East Grinstead, very 'stockbroker belt' we had a lovely mongrel from Battersea dog's home who was a bit mad so we called him 'Bonkers'. Nearly every day he would escape the garden somehow, so the entire family would go out into the garden every night and shout 'Bonkers'. God knows what the neighbours thought of us.

artjak, bonkers of course!!

TT, of course it was my fault!!

Pottie Pam

Quite a daft thing to do. I made an 'island' out of a pallet with milk bottles underneath for bouyancy as Monty did on GW a few weeks ago. I think my grandson was hoping I'd fall in.


FAIRY  GIRL  YEP   placky  sandals 



made ginger beer for the first time so proud was i.bottled it and put it on the landing in the night we heard an enormouse bang thought it was a blinking bomb but no, me silly idiot put screw caps on the bottles instead of corks,all the bottles exploded the glass got stuck in the wall. we could of been dead.never again


Your name is very apt Pottie Pam.

Does anyone else agree with me that those interested in gardening have a wonderful sense of humour, on the whole.  I suppose with all the ups and downs, you have to. I've had a good chuckle at these posts.


I am always doin daft stuff accidently . The other day went to homebase picketd up a tin of black fence paint brought it home and stupidly left it on sunny patio a few hours later I thought I'd try it out on the new fence . Brush in hand   And I gently shake the tin  and with a chisel pop open the tin but it burst open splattering my holly that for the first time 3 years had berries forming spent a time cleaning while hubby had a cheesy grin and telling me the scientific facts of warm paint and shaking a can and something called pressure ha ha 

Keyser Soze

Whilst on a self catering holiday in France my Mam bought some "pasties" from the supermarket and served them up with peas. Soon found out they were chocolate croissants!

Bee witched wrote (see)

... but the latest visitors are a family of hungry hares.

 Yesterday I read in a gardening magazine that a lady in New Zealand stopped rabbits eating her garden by spreading used coffee grounds around her plants. She renewed them every 2-3 weeks and says it has been very successful - maybe worth a try for discouraging hares?


Once i was doing a bit of hoeing and ended up hoeing up many many seeds and bulbs.


KeyserS- love it 

Did you eat them anyway?

Tina- very true. There's bound to be mishaps etc as we go through that learning process in a garden- like gardenerbee says-  hoeing or pulling up plants thinking they're weeds- most of us have probably done that...even if we don't want to admit it!


I have and I still do. I like to label plants so I know where I am, but the original label break or are ugly. In professional gardens they have black labels with white writing on. Much more attractive than white labels, but I've never seen any for sale.

You can get multicoloured ones from ebay.  I've also seen bronze/ironwork ones for herbs, fairy reasonably priced. 

I always start the season using one coloured lable and co-ordinate the pot colours.  By the time I've finished sowing stuff, I'm left with a motley collection of odd coloured pots, from plants that didn't make it into the garden, ones left over as I've not sown enough seeds, and no co-ordinating labels.

I did a very daft thing the other day, as I'm new to growing some veg.  I put courgettes in the same windowsill propogator as pumpkins, thinking that the true leaves would let me know which was which, didn't realise they were the same family.  Now I'm going to have to wait until they form fruit to tell which is which.

Won't do that again!



The number of times I've stuck things in pots & garden thinking I'll remember what they are..where they are..never works..sure I've weeded more radishes out than we've eaten over the years.

Thought i would aerate the lawn and bought some of those shoe things you strap onto your boots. Fine walking in one direction but then i tried to turn round. Ende up flat on my back one foot facing forwards the other backwards unable to move because the spikes were still in the ground. No one came to help as they were too busy laughing at me


 Filled the knapsack spray with Glyphosate, upon pumping up the pressure I found the trigger leaking, so I went back to the shed for some o rings and tools.

About a week later footprints appeared on the lawn, I'd never given it a second thought I'd been stood in the leakage.


Maud, I can't stop laughing, were you like a ladybird on it's back?

I hope, though, that you weren't injured.


Oh Maud, that is so funny.  As Artjak has said, hope you weren't hurt.  Still laughing.