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If you've already had this subject please tell me.

The daftest thing I've done in terms of plants is introducing Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle) into the garden. I blame Mr. Titchmarsh, who said how lovely it looked holding raindrops, and so good for insects to drink from, easily controlled if you remove flowerheads. I've done my best but now have it all over, even in lawn.

Daftest thing by many but the most recent was having given a foliar feed to ordinary pot plants who were looking a bit pale, I mixed a new lot and did the the eric' ones. Choisya Sundance was the last and I had some left so I poured the remaining acid feed on the Fatsia Japonica. Why? I knew it wasn't an acid lover. Think my arm was working faster than my brain.

Daftest thing?

Few years back amd only having lunch hour I decided to side shoot my melons growing in a cold frame.  Only had about 3 melons.  In my haste I "side shooted" the fruit.  No melons

I usually do things in great patience....stepped on veg seedlings when thinning those alongside, training broad beans up a runner bean frame (novice then) and fallIng into my pool when I ...showing off....decided to jump across from one side to the other.  Wot am I like eh?

.....maybe not in the garden but just washed my black trousers in washing machine and, in my infinite wisdom, decided to put my dogs blanket in as well.  White dog hairs all over my trousers!!!!


Verdun you sound very like me. Thankfully I don't have a pond.

Telling the tale here, some years ago I asked hubby to fetch some basil from greenhouse as I cooked pasta sauce. Came back with leaves he'd pulled off pepper plants. He's not lived it down yet.


My trick is to leave a tissue in a pocket, even after checking.



made  a brew .with the  water from our  hot water bottle .


i am very stooooooopid at times. 

KEF wrote (see)

My trick is to leave a tissue in a pocket, even after checking.

A favourite here, especially in a black load, grrrrr!


When I first moved here there was a fairly attractive (single) plant which I thought the previous owner had grown, so left it to see what it was.  Lovely tall purple flower spikes followed so I collected seed and spread it around a bit.

I've been pulling-up examples of my self-induced purple toadflax invasion from my borders for the last 30 years.


I introduced Enchanter's Nightshade, against the advice of the gardener I got it from.

It looked pretty


Verd glad I don't have a dog....always leaving lipsalves in jackets and then washing though- have now found one that survives it!

Daughter's expensive purple lippy didn't though-that'll teach her to empty her pockets....

In the garden- I was lifting slabs and leant one against a wall- except it wasn't at enough of an angle...fell over, caught the face of the spade which flipped up in the air and hit my cheek....children thrown in car and trip to A&E..


Oh dear, I've just planted a purple toadflax. But my alchemilla mollis that I wanted to spread a bit just won't. It's made 1 baby in 5 years!

Several years ago I saw a pretty flower in my daughter's garden so I took some home. It's still pretty and it brightens a dark corner, but it seeds itself like mad - everywhere! But it is quite easy to pull up. Impatiens balfourii or Kashmir balsaam. But I still rather wish I'd left it where it was!



I used to buy plants on 'sight'.  Never checked how big/.wide they would grow so have over the years had to reposition many which turned out to be whoppers and totally in the wrong position. Funny thing is one I bought 3 years ago, which should grow to 2m x 2m, for the sole purpose of filling a largish area, has made hardly any growth at all.  I can't win.

The other thing I regret is letting the buttercups take such a hold of ground behind Magnolia tree.  Now all amongst the ground cover and gradually creeping further across and down the garden. 

Verdun, I too have swum with the fishes.  Good job it was summertime.



Tina- that's why you see so many front doors with gigantic conifers 2' away from them...

Have you had your weetabix?

Was thinking of making pancakes....

hollie hock

Mistakenly admiring some fox and clubs wildflowers last year, not really believing how invasive they are.........will be doing a lot of weeding



That's right FG.  Where my new flower bed is now stood a huge connifer tree.  It was lovely when I bought it, about 4ft tall, very sweet.  Grew into a big, ugly thing which took all the goodness from the ground, killed the grass and stopped the sunlight.  Fortunately, errant son does like chopping things down and he went to town on it.  I am learning!!

Yes, is the answer to your next question.  Don't like pancakes. Don't really like weetabix either.


Archie-I just saw your post....brilliant!

Did it taste awful?

Tina- my ex has an area next to his path that contains 4 different conifers that someone must have thought looked so pretty when they bought them....the size of the area?

About a square yard 


I spent hours one day last week spraying tough weeds. I'd waited till they were starting to grow, and a still dry day came along, and off I went.

Afterwards I realised I'd mixed up the weedkiller too thin. Several times. I'm not very good at mental arithmetic

I've never fallen in a pond - but I have come close (and looked around to see if anyone saw me).


ha just rememberd  . put grandads fork  throw. my plastic woolies sandals  in to  my big toecica 1962 



Archie...I remember those sandals well!