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about  the bbc forum that its ending (shame) but theres this site and i  am sure if you just sign up as your sign up name that you used too in bbc gardening itll be fine it worked for me so hope that youll still be able to to keep in touch via this website and the upload pic still works and the photobucket url works fine heres the link    

my husband enjoys gardeners world on bbc2 friday nights, but the best for me is

nigel ,and  just to watch carol talk and giggle as if she has a bottle of gin in her pocket!! really the show could do with all new blood .

i have always loved gardening, i adore gardening but i find the present team past it!!!!

same old same old!!!! is there any plans for new faces? new ideas?for a younger generation!!!!!( i am 62) i am trying to get my grandchildren into the wonderfull world of gardening.

I have patches of creeping dead grass in my lawn.   It seems to be getting worse.  Any idea how to treat it?


Er, try posting your question on the Problem Board.


Well I think gardeners world is the best ever, monty does  and always has done a grand job of presenting  and carol does a great job as well. whereas love my  garden with Alan twitchmarsh is a dated programme and its presenters as well Dated dated.never get bored with gardeners world on the box. Wish it had an hour slot . 

HI  Im looking for Non stop Begonias "APPLE BLOSSOM" in plug form

can anyone help


Hi James. They will not be available till next Spring when many companies will be selling them. it is best if you want to ask a question like this to start a new thread and then anyone who knows the answer ill be guaranteed to see it.

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