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Ah! So many Cornish nurseries mentioned here....cross common, burncoose, duchy of Cornwall.  The home of the good guys 


Verdun said" Interesting notes about coblands.  Considered buying from them but been uncertain until now.  Were good size plamts supplied MACAVITYTHECAT?"

I bought half a dozen trees in all, they came in two huge boxes a couple of days later, all were about 4ft tall but looked just like bare twigs and were root bound in small pots.  I wasn't terribly impressed on receipt, to be honest, BUT every single one of them has thrived, grown and in less than a year have become substantial.  The honeysuckle was the star but the wisteria has been pretty amazing too.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy off them again.


I think you have remember that when you buy from mail order, they are going to show the plants in full bloom and colour.

I noticed on the other thread similar to this one, that some people semm to expect what they see in the photo, if you buy trees or perenials in the autumn as bare root, you are not going to get a plant like the photo.

Coments such as 'they looked like bits of dead root,'  is exactly what they will be but with a bit of TLC over winter, they will bloom When you plant them out next spring.

Good points lyn.

For me though buying bare root perennials......and I buy loads of perennials most years........was very disappointing.  Mostly they were poor quality, expensive and those that survived took at least 2 years to flower.  Over recent years I have bought "proper" plants in pots for similar price that provided excellent plants in their first season.  Look around.......bare root are just as expensive.   Why buy for "next" season?  This season is just as important.  

I have had top quality plants of a good size, all of which have flourished from Coblands. The rhododendrons I bought were particularly good specimens.

With mailorder trees, again excellent specimens, formative pruning carried out and a good shape.

Geetee bulbs are amazingly good value.

I have bought from others online and not been so impressed.

I also use a local, friendly privately run nursery when ever possible, and they are very good at sourcing anything special at a very fair price. Excellent knowledge, good conversation with the owner and always a joy to visit and see what's new.



Thanks for the very useful thread!

Afraid I don't have anything to contribute right now as new to online plant ordering, but will be checking out lots of those recommended - particularly in Cornwall, so thanks.

I ordered some allium bulbs for just the postage cost from gardeners world, they came in october. However today I have another box of them land on my door. So do I call them to let them know or get them set in pots as I have no clue where to put them yet!!!!


Red Dahlia, that sounds like a nice xmas present. 

Hiya red dahlia

Just set them in pots.  I often plant daffs, tulips, alliums etc in pots to put out in the spring. They will be just fine.

Hiya lucy.  Another Cornish member 

The big ones I am going to plonk in my boarder but the the lower growing ones I will pot up. do I need to give them space or can I pack them in??

Depends on size of bulbs.....the very small varieties can be "packed" in.  Others like purple sensation I pot up singly in 1 litre pots or 3 to 3 litre pot.

i must have known you were going to say that. The purple sensation I have planted quite deep in my corner border, there was only 5 of those. All other bulbs are no bigger than my thumb nail so I have put in pots and will see what happens. 

for some unknown reason I woke at 3 and couldn't stop thinking about my conifer border. Think I may have to give this shady position some more thought. i was wondering if I could split my hostas into buckets and plant one there, but I fear the slugs will murder it!! operation move all tall perennials happened yesterday so there isn't many plants in that border now other than bulbs, pansies and a hellebore, heaucrA and a stocksia that hasn't flowered or grown in 2 years!!!


Red - although hostas like shade they don't like it dry - and conifers will be taking a lot of moisture.  I think plants that like dry shade might be a better bet.  There are lists of them on the Rhs website - or start another thread and you'll get loads of suggestions. Can't have you having sleepless nights over this

i often wake up in the night and I prefer swapping to planning the garden rather than work!!! That's why I thought stay in bucket so easy to water and feed. Think I will have a winter if planning. Fun isn't it! just anything that won't pull to the light

Just got my first delivery of bare root fruit trees from Primrose on line retailer-so will not know until next year if they are ok or not. I tend to buy everything from my local garden centre as I'm a 'touch and feely person'

The fruit trees will be going into my plot today- yippee.


It's exciting getting new flowers. Was tempted with the bareroot hellebore on the GW offer page but I'm unsure as there is the time debate!! :-/

I have had some really good plants off several specialist eBay plant suppliers. They have almost always been larger than expected as they are anxious to get good feedback. They tend also to be more flexible with plug plants, offering mixtures instead of 6/12/24 of the same. I have had some great pond plants, and perennials off eBay suppliers.

Oooh that's good to know. It's hellebores I'm particularly interested in and shade loving plants small compact types. Will have a look on eBay. 

Red dahlia, for hellebores I would always suggest spending a bit more to get the exact colour and quality you want.  And buy from the best....for me it's Ashwoods or Woottens.  

There are some hostas I think will perform well in dryish shade...Fire n Ice is one.  It doesn't like direct sun but is a superb "light" for shade.  Mainly white leaves with Green.  I have experimented a,little with hostas and they seem to grow reasonably well in dry shade if you can ensure they dont dry out too much.  They are less susceptible to slugs etc too.  Just try plants in different may be surprised.

Break23 how much did you pay?? Have you researched how much you have saved??? Will they flower this coming year??