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Are they the ones that die back, I love a bargain! I have been told about an evergreen but have forgotten the name! 

Clematis armandii red dahlia.  Scented flowers too.  

Break23 , my local GC has been a good place to visit for plant bargains either side of Xmas.  Half price on shrubs that were also being offered on buy get one free last year.    It's not too far from me so, as I'm passing, I poop in.  Picked up couple of bargains already placed in the bargain basement section.  Many can be divided and re potted too for great show next year

I loooooove bargain sections, only problem is I don't know enough plant types to recognise things without labels!! 



Often things look a little sad in bargain sections - the trick is knowing whether they will recover with a little TLC or not - something I'm not an expert at!

Next time I will put things in my trolley, have a cuppa and message on here to ask the experts. We need a thread about decent GC's for winter plants. Most GC's are sparse at the mo, depressing!!!!

They are full of Xmas trees and festive goodies Red.  But......speak to the manager and ask if he/she has any plants "out back".  I have had some real bargains that way.  Of course they will look tatty....they will do right now anyway.....and you need to  show a little dismay at their "quality" but bargains are there to be bargained for.  Sometimes I'm asked to make an offer. .....

Just had some lavender plants from Crocus. Beautiful root structure to them all, nice and bushy as well. I haven't seen better plants in my local GC. Delivered to my door in two days. This isn't the first time I have used them but I am always extremely pleased with the quality and their service.

As a note for all their sale at the moment is a better price than some of the GW partner offers.

It may be worth checking the offers against the crocus website.


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Plants for Small Gardens is a new nursery for me.  Excellent quality plants, excellent communications and immediate dispatch.  Defo one of the good guys


Just received two beautiful camellias from Trehane nursery in Dorset.  They were carefully packed and arrived in tip top condition - they certainly get the thumbs up from me

Must back up Red Dahlia, had my clematis the other day from montrose. Excellent, worth every penny.

Paddocks plants have always been exceptional for me.  And check out their prices.... £3 for perennials in 2 litre pots?  Their service has a personal touch.  Delivery is next day. One of the good guys for sure 

Jess is in the Garden

Brilliant for advice, seamless delivery and all well-packaged too.

I avoid Crocus - awful delivery service in the past, plus plants arrived half dead and generally in poor health.



I have always had great service and great plants from crocus - interesting to know that is not always the case. I do, however, drive past them on the way to work so always collect my own rather than use their delivery service.

I've recently received the bare root roses I ordered from www.Handley rose The roses arrived well packaged and good strong roses. They offered good advice over the phone and were very reasonably priced. 

   It is not often I am lost for words but I truly am. I ordered from paddock plants on the recommendation if verdun. The customer service was truly amazing having recieved a a call 10 mins after I emailed a query in. 


My my plants arrived today, extremely well packaged and large Roots. The perennials all but one you can see is Alive.


my Christmas box is nearly 2 foot tall and smells amazing!! A really good company!!!!! Thanks verdun, also plants I hadn't heard of before so double bonus!

Delighted for you Red.  Brilliant.  

Orchid Lady
Has anyone bought from J Parker's (their booklet was with this month's mag), their products seem really cheap, cheaper than the (GW offers) and I just wondered if they were any good for both products and service.