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Box Tree Nursery -
Well packaged, quick delivery, reasonable prices. Have only ordered Box plqnts before but i do belive they sell different hedging and shrubs.

Tracy, sent you a pm about parkers.

Certainly Brumbull, I'm gonna ask for a discount from them next time for the free plugs!

Mail Order Trees excellent service and price we received 2  lovely healthy Rowans - waiting for an order just placed from Bowden's of ferns and hosta's they were extremely helpful - hopefully all will be perfect end of Feb when they arrive

Orchid Lady
Not a mail order company, but if there is anyone that lives local to Poulton Le Fylde, I would highly recommend my local GC, family run and very friendly, they have given me advice numerous times and always been right and they always have time for you. They are The Plant Place



i used Bowdens last year, and was very pleased - hope they are as good for you StillLearning

Mark 499
Recently received some nice Hellebores from, healthy plants & very good packaging.

Did you go for the dark green one Mark?  


Mark99, were these small hellebores, and can you tell me what size pots they told you to pot them up to (if indeed they were small ones?) 

Mark 499
I went for, cream, yellow, white & pink speckled.
Plants are flowering size growing in 9cm square pots.
Planted them straight into the garden, a couple of them are about to open.

Thanks Mark. I got some from them, much smaller plants, and potted as I thought they had told me to but I put them in too big a pot (gardening novice) and they really struggled  They were in good nick when they arrived so was annoyed with myself.

I second your recommendation though 


Bump for Poddington


Dont worry.  They will struggle ironically in too big a pot but best leave them now.  They will assert themselves during the summer.  Hopefully a flower or two next spring 

Anyone had the dark green hellebore?  If so I would like to know,ow dark green it is.  So tempared by it but I already have some greens.  If its a truly daek green I want it 

Had another delivery from crocus today. 3 potentilla's a buddlja weyeriana sungold, strawberries and raspberry canes.

I am always impressed with the root systems in their potted plants.

They may be a bit more expensive at times but so far I can't fault their quality.


Quality every time for me too Dave.  Exciting getting new plants, isn't it? 


Bumped up for Edd


I have just had order delivered from Scotplants direct, ( not the first time I have used them)

I bought escallonia plants in 4" pots about 14" tall very compact and bushy all in leaf, £2.45 each, (Could have got 10 for 18.50)

50 very thick 7' canes for 13.45 and 50 x 4" flower pots for 2.45.

they do charge 7.99 for postage but if you do a large enough order, or get together with friends, I think it is still good value and the quality of items is superb.

I bought  several laurel plants in winter 2012, they have romped away, all very good.


good trees from  and Overstrand garden centre,all very nice condition but no instructions which ought to be the norm,but very good service