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Thought I'd bump this up as people seem to be in a buying mood, or is that just me?  

Caths Garden Plants....excellent...can be added to my earlier comments about the good guys.  

Recently purchased from another supplier.  Will add here if goods arrive satisfactorily. Signs so far are good.


Orchid Lady

On Thursday evening I ordered 8 packets if seeds from Premier Seeds Direct (via EBay), 99p each and free P&P, they have arrived today and I am really impressed with the service.  The only point to note for newbies like me is that there were no sowing/growing instructions as the packets are plain, but that's not too much of a problem as I have learned lots from on here and have googled the rest! So I will definitely be using Premier Seeds again and would recommend them.

Also on Thursday night, I ordered  a Geum (Totally Tangerine) and a climbing rose (Iceberg) from Crocus, they too have arrived today, really well packaged and excellent quality.  Again, I am really impressed and would definitely use them again and recommend them   

Mark 499

Just received some good quality Hostas from



Taylors Clematis have been superb Great plants, great packing, lovely personal service ..... Will never buy a clematis from a GC again

Another good guy to add.  Ordered Imperata red baron last autumn and one plant was  damaged in transit.  I informed Jacksons Nurseries at the time but added I hoped I would "resurrect" it.  Well it didn't recover.  Informed Jacksons and they are sending me 3 replacement places complete with apologies and friendliness.  

Have had plants before from them and always excellent service and,  whisper it, low prices 

I now have a a list of good suppliers of various plants  from whom I can order with utmost confidence 



Another good guy - Pine Cottage Plants in Devon - beautiful (huge) agapanthus arrived yesterday, as promised, and they even threw in a little baby one in a pot for good measure, which was a lovely surprise

how about next plants , I think they come from crocus


...please be aware, one of the websites quoted on this is still vulnerable to Heartbleed... according to Norton Internet Security...

...I have checked out most of the others listed and they are reporting as all o.k... but this one does not, currently....


I bought 2 bare root shrubs/trees from Parkers sale in spring 2012, (i actually bought loads more, only ever buy the sale stuff)



Already they are both 5ft tall. An Amelanchier and an acer





have any of you had issues with hollyhocks from Parker Plants they sent me some and two were just heaps of rotting mass I had to photograph them and after two months and many emails I got a reply from them to say sorry I was disappointed with them after another break I did get replacements  the sad fact now is that others are starting to rot down and their reply was they are dying back as if im not capable of seeing a rotting mass in front of me ..they said if I send them back at my expense they will after inspection give me a this good service beggars belief ...anyone else had issues with them  

I've bought from Scotplants direct good value wonderful customer service, the worst customer service is Ideal world I bought countless trees and plants some of the bare rooted trees failed to come into leave or plants damaged they will not replace them it's called perishable goods and no refunds be aware of them

i too use premier seeds direct ..premier service every time  

I got my blueberries from Scotplant  the 10 selection another great seller ....lovely plants and very good price too


 J Parkers just go from bad to worse 3 people are just passing the buck and simply messing me around I will name them here in due course they sent me Rotting plants I sent a photo back to them waited eons for a reply and well its just got too bad for words The service is abysmal and that's being polite I can tell you one says is it the hollyhocks you are waiting for when its blatantly obvious if she reads the full emails the next one says a full refund is on its way and the other says you need to send them back I despair with them all Looks like a blast down the phone is needed  

I've been through a similar experience.  I warned that I would name n shame if they didn't supply as ordered.   Plants came very quickly.  

Terryrat, email or phone saying you will publish exactly what happens on this forum.  Not too composed.

Reads nursery get my vote. Great advice, quick delivery and good fruit trees.

the latest news...

Thank you for your recent email, we have requested a cheque refund on the 25/04/14 for the total of £6.99 for the Hollyhocks..... I await with bated breath   Regards  

Agree with Crocus.. Slightly expensive even with the discounts and vouchers you can find readily, but plants always healthy and packaging is very good.. Like the fact they text you to tell you when its arriving as well..

They are incapable it seems of packing clematis without snapping 90% of the growing stems - due to way  over tight paper wire ties but they always replace and refund without hesitation.