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Only ordered once from brookside but, yes, good people to deal with.  Nice plants, prompt delivery. 

Victoria Sponge

Just received an order of perennials from Westcountry Nurseries, extremely quick and the plants all look very healthy, 9cm pots but all ready to go out. I potted them on though as my ground is rock hard.

I didn't think to search this company on here before I ordered but fortunately I got away with it - hopefully the other incident posted was a one off!

Hiya Victoria

considered ordering lupins from Westcountry Nurseries.  Might now give them a try unless I find a better specialist lupin nursery.

Victoria Sponge

Hi Verdun,

I only bought one lupin from them - towering inferno:

 This is it after I've potted it on.

It arrived very quick. The pots were packaged in newspaper which isn't often done. Came with an advice/ returns note that I thought was pretty strict! I'm happy with the plants I got though also got a juncus, potentilla, achillea and a hellebore.

Exciting parcel then?  I do want to get some of the latest varieties of lupins 



I used Westcountry once, and the plants were great.  However, won't use them again as you have to sign for delivery - no good for me.  Most companies are happy to leave things in a specified place.

Victoria Sponge

They left mine in the shed but I do have a note on the door saying to...


Hi Folks,  really like this thread, I live about 1mile from Ashwoods and I have to say its the best nursery Ive ever visited the plants are always really good quality.  Not the cheapest but somethimes you get what you pay for.

Taylors are really good for Clematis have ordered two on line both came exactly on the day I chose, they were a good size and even had loads of buds, very well packaged.

Sarah Raven has also been very good.  Also Claire Austin, the daughter of David Austin she has a good online site for perennials.

Yviestevie, Ashwoods have been excellent for me esp re hellebores.  Would love to pay them a visit


If you can try and go on one of John's open days his garden is beautiful whatever the season - he lists them on the website.  I know that hellebores are one of their specialities, I have a couple but thinking of treating myself to a couple of the darker varieties - just have to decide what I'm going to dig up to find the space.  Oh and by the way the tea room there is to die for - the best cakes I have ever eaten!!!

Did you say cakes yviestevie?  I have heard of john's tours.  the last hellebore from Ashwoods was in 5 litre pot .( should have been 3 litres but I paid quite a lot for it) ..a beautiful simple deep yellow 


I've still got a picotee hellebore in a pot from ashwood.  I went overboard on my last visit, I haven't found a space for it yet. If you visit in  February, verdun, we'll never get you out.

Brilliant tearooms and good cake too.

Victoria Sponge

An order I made with Knoll Gardens last week arrived today, plants look absolutely fine and I was made aware of dispatch. I did have to sign for them though.

Before ordering I searched the forum and found they had been recommended previously, albeit on a different thread- so the system works!



Earlier this year I ordered 3 Hucheras from Cowells trading as Premium Perenials the packaging was awful.  All three plants damaged in fact one had no leaves.  I did plant them and they are doing OK now.  I suppose I should have complained.  Has anyone else had problems with them.  Also ordered Star of Bethlehem bulbs, I think from Naturescape but not 100% sure.  None of them flowered perhaps I did something wrong.



Just had 2 plant deliveries today the 9th, both ordered on the 7th so pretty swift turnaround. One from Blooming Marvellous of 3 heucheras. Fabulous plants as fresh as a daisy in 9cm pots. Other one from West Country Nurseries of 3 astrantia. Packed in damp newspaper and a bit crumpled but look to be doing ok after a few hours standing up.  Again in 9cm pots. Very pleased with them both. First time ordering from other than T&M which are always a bit of a hit or miss.  


Just took deliver of 4 plants from Claire Austin Astrantia major venice, Astrantia Roma, Campanula Glomerata Superba and Thalictrum Delavayi 9cm pots.  Packaged well and all in good condition except for the Roma.  It had a lot of brown marks on leaves, phoned up and they said it is scorch marks and asked me to plant it as it should be fine.  However, if I'm still not happy in two weeks they will send me a replacement

Yviestevie, some astrantias do get affected leaves at this time of the year.  I simply cut them off. However, now I give additional watering at this time of year and it seems effective treatment.  I think it may be because they dried out a little at some stage.  However, you should have received a healthy looking plant so I would ask for a replacement.  You paid for a nice green thriving plant after all 

I have had some excellent plug plants from South Eastern horticultural on Amazon. They have all arrived well rooted and have shot away upon potting up, have had penstemons, helianthemums and hardy fuchsia.  Their range isn't great, mainly safe easy to raise plants but at under a tenner for 6 or up to 12 plugs it isn't a bad deal.

Bought 4 packets of seeds from Westcountry 3 years ago, only a few germinated but none grew past the seedling stage!

When I reported it they were not very pleasant! (a woman I think)

A very black mark from me,and another one they did not do cheques only postal orders!

A speaker at the garden club said to try Woodfield Hybrids from Fothergills, I got 2 packets (£2.69 each) marvelous germination, as I had so many I planted most of them in two rows at the allotment!

Great range of colours, and really tightly packed flower columns, have labeled some to take cuttings off !