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11/07/2014 at 22:08

Bought 4 packets of seeds from Westcountry 3 years ago, only a few germinated but none grew past the seedling stage!

When I reported it they were not very pleasant! (a woman I think)

A very black mark from me,and another one they did not do cheques only postal orders!

A speaker at the garden club said to try Woodfield Hybrids from Fothergills, I got 2 packets (£2.69 each) marvelous germination, as I had so many I planted most of them in two rows at the allotment!

Great range of colours, and really tightly packed flower columns, have labeled some to take cuttings off !


Today at 12:54

..this isn't a 'good guy' but thought to post it here....  this is an email I have just sent to Crocus.... be warned...

''Dear Crocus,

I am very annoyed about this, I have just taken delivery of the above order, which was supposed to be for a rose called rosa 'Felicia', a well known hybrid musk rose, that I have grown many times before... what I have been sent is NOT Felicia...I don't know which rose it is but the foliage is all wrong, it looks like a wild type that only flowers at midsummer...Felicia should have at least the remains of flower buds and the foliage should be more rounded and slightly glossy, the foliage on this one is matt and without gloss... I can tell it's just not the rose I ordered... I am not going to bother to plant it nor send it's not worth the trouble... I am hugely disappointed, it's as if someone has just taken the Felicia label and just stuck it on any old rose just to get rid of..half price...

..I will not be ordering from Crocus ever again and I shall tell anyone I am in contact with, to be very mistrustful of this service.



Today at 13:39

That could have been me Salino.  Well said 

Had plugs of echinacea from YouGarden.  Superb comdition, very large size and already potted on.  Have already emailed to say I will order again from them."

Today at 13:48

Wow Salino. I hope you let us know their reply A different customer would have no idea they had been sent the wrong thing, like me for instance.

In 2012 I ordered candy stripe and Osiria rose from Spalding. It probably serves me right for ordering from their technicolor catalogue but this year they both flowered grudgingly and both being pink, neither was Osiria.

They immediately offered to replace it when the bare roots are available again though which was nice of them as I no longer had details of the order.

Don't know what my other pink rose is, tbh don't know which is candy stripe but I read they're quite weak and often revert so perhaps that has happened.

Spalding customer services were great to be fair, but these days I order from smaller nurseries not global enterprises


Today at 14:12

..yeah, I should have known... I normally get from bona fide rose growers but I couldn't resist the 50 percent off.... if I had ordered this through Waitrose, who also use Crocus, they were still full price but I bet I would have got the correct plant...

I have looked on Crocus and I see they offer the wild hedgerow rose Rosa Canina, the dog rose... and I firmly believe that's what I've got, and I've just sent off another email telling them so, and wanting a refund...  let's see if we hear... not letting it drop...

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161 to 165 of 165 messages