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Verdun - hear hear !  I love them all !!


I'm picturing punkdoc on Friday nights now....saying to Monty - 'I love're my  best friend....' hic...

I'm very fond of Monty  too - and Nigel...and I 'm not even a doggy person. As I said before - it's a nice gentle programme so if you want noise and shouting you can always watch Eastenders/ Big Brother/Jeremy Kyle... please insert loud programme of your choice! 

Gardening Grandma

I like GW for its keeping us in touch with the gentle constants of nature and gardening. I'm not fond of pretentiousness and sometimes I think the way Monty talks is a bit pretentious.  Perhaps I still feel sorry for Toby, who was not pretentious and got humiliated for not being exciting enough. However, I see that Monty has real strengths and I like him well enough.

Watching Countryfile as I type this, and before reading some of the previous comments was thinking how childish it has become of late - it's more like a programme aimed at youngsters. The commentary seems to be very superficial and I don't seem to learn much from it. Still, it's relaxing and certainly better those shows full of shouty presenters and screaming,whistling audiences........perhaps I should have posted this on MOB rants!


We have a very good programme up here in Scotland called Landward which is  a similar format to Countryfile but far better I think, although it never has a very long run which is a pity.  Pentillie - I know what you mean about these programmes seeming a bit juvenile at times. I stopped watching Countryfile as the only bit I was really enjoying was Adam's farm. He always seemed sensible, informative and interesting. Perhaps the idea is to try and appeal to youngsters and get them more interested in the countryside and that's a good motive if it's the case.



FG you forgot Top Gear loudest of them all,

I like it though

ZombieGardener wrote (see)

FG you forgot Top Gear loudest of them all,

I like it though


i think he was just complaing about  the smell not the maggotts

I like Beechgrove and GW but thought it amusing to make a torpary statue of Nigel.  Each to his own though and Monty does have plenty of space for it. Love him or loath him, Nigel will be eternalised. 

Enjoyed the Springwatch programme too about moths and butterflies.

As a child if we wanted to stay up late, we had to watch programmes like Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborough, it was a case of bed or sit quietly, it wasn't a difficult choice, sitting quietly won hands down. On reflection three of us took up diving as a sport and with OH's/children there have been at least seven keen divers in the family. Two keen gardeners and another hot on conservation.    

TV viewing is possibly a strong medium which impacts on us in more ways than we realise. Alot off topic but does anyone remember Tomorrrow's World.  

Yes, I do.  Loved it.  


Aaaaah.....what a lovely thread, which started with a gripe, but turned into so many of us reminding ourselves that appreciating the simple things of life helped us to make positive choices in later life....nice

Ah! Nice int it Jat?  


I loved Tomorrow's World!

Zoomer that is a fascinating story. My older daughter was very interested in wildlife and natural history from a really young age - not in a 'aww look at the little fluffy kitten' kind of way but 'mum there's a female chaffinch in the garden' way and for a long time she wanted to be a zoologist when she grew up. I  used to record G's W when dear old Geoff was on and watch it on a Saturday morning. I had a book of his which she loved (his organic approach to gardening) and when she saw him on the programme she looked at me and said 'man' because she recognised his face from the book.  Don't expect many 2 yr olds had Geoff as their bedtime story!

Happy viewing Fg, I never watched Geoff, but then didn't get into gardening till after his programmes. They should do re-runs.   


Aah Fairygirl......I hope you are nurturing a zoologist or naturalist. It's amazing how much children absorb and emulate adults around them.

Aa Verdun, it is lovely, warm feeling to see forum members being nice to each other. Speaking of warm, time for another 'coffee and curl up on sofa' time here. Much needed rain ahead of promised 30C on Thursday......nice.

Are you getting your coat?


Susan Giles

I am a big fan of Monty and Nigel, but if you have the August issue of GW the letter on p.129 from Molly the Bichon Frise puppy made me giggle and she has completely upstaged Nigel. Molly writes:

'Well, I think Nigel is boring and clearly has no gardening skills, unlike me. I'm great at digging holes, especially in soil that has just been planted. I'm a whizz at pruning too - nipping off any branches within reach. Jim wasn't too happy when I chewed through some clematic stems, but I was showing him how to stimulate new growth from the base.

'When Jim planted out his French beans, I was a big help. First I taste tested them, nipping of their tops. Then I showed him that neat rows aren't always best - random and free form can be good too. We make a great team!'

Molly sounds hilarious and gorgeous, but Nigel is a handsome dog and I loved it when Monty asked his opinion of the topiary!! 


Zoomer it would be nice if they showed a few re runs of Geoff. He was lovely. 

Jat - I hate to disillusion you - but once daughter went to High School and discovered Chemistry and Biology she wanted to do Forensics - and is now doing Forensic biology at Uni! 

I suppose 'dead bodies' is a bit like Natural History.....

She does still love wildlife etc though!

Needed my coat going to work but not now - sun's out! 


love Monty and Nigel


I think most of Geoff Hamiltons programmes are available on dvd. from Barnsdale gardens.


Fairygirl, I'm sure you are very proud of your baby. They do surprise us , don't they? The important point is if they are happy doing what they are doing you are entitled a BIG pat on your back! Who knows, we might see her on Tv some day eh?