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On this weeks Gardeners world, 26 07 13, we were informed that readers had written in about "Disgusting maggots". I think the writers in question should have been advised with strong emphasis that these would eventually become Hoverflies. These are commonly known as drone flies and like all hoverflies are beneficial to the gardener. How many have been fished out and discarded by Monty Don and others ?  I dont know what he did with the maggots  but if he somehow rescued them, then he has redeemed himself. Perhaps he should consult Chris Packham before the programme is made. To me, the insects that inhabit my garden are as interesting as my plants. I make the effort to learn about them. With the availability of information via the internet, if you have it, it is so easy.  


It's on my sky box i'll be watching later. 


With you all the way David 


I was also surprised, maybe he was just saying that they did not look so very nice in the bucket - rather than that they were disgusting in their own right?

Hi Dave iv been making the tea the dryer way and don't get the problem with maggots, also the overall smell is not such a problem, and simple to bottle up, also iv downloaded the nutrient strength of comfrey and nettle and they seem to be almost the same ,if anyone can actualy give me the NPK of them iv got N 1.5 P 0.5 K 5.0 rounded off as close as need be,or am i wrong Comfrey.s a bit stronger in the Potash ,id like to know as if im growing fruit next year i dont want to much root food as i do fruit food, not being experienced,any guide with feeding is good
cheers all Alan



It seems to me that all gardeners should be entomologists these days!


I fell asleep again and missed that bit.  I record it as I'm usually busy but now find I fall asleep whenever I watch GW so it takes 3 or 4 goes to see the lot.

We all need to do our best to help beneficial insects thrive after such poor wet summers in the two previous years and the long, cold, wet winter and spring we've just had because they're in crisis, especially butterflies and  moths which have such specialised needs for their caterpillars.    

Hoverflies are such good friends to gardeners taht we need to get over any squeamies about their larvae and help them along.   MD should be making that clear. 


am I the only person fed up with the " Monty and Nigel" show? last week we were shown the dog do tricks, this week we had to look at photographs of the mutt. I couldn't give a fig about the dog but he's on more and more every week.

I like seeing Nigel !!  I also find Monty Don SO informative with or without Nigel.


I'm with you Paddy5, time some of us stopped to smell the roses. After all, to each his own, if it irritates you, use the off button......please be kind


I agree, be kind, to everyone and all the wildlife


I just think there's so many horrible, noisy, 'shouty' tv programmes around that it's nice just to watch something pleasant and calm for a change. If it's informative as well -so much the better.

Stop and smell the roses...very appropriate jatnik. 


just watched last night's springwatch (iplayer), all about moths and butterflies, well worth a look. I'd stopped watching these programmes, the presentation had got a bit too childish but this wasn't too bad. interesting stuff


I agree with you Nutcutlet( oh you make my mouth water everytime I see your name....must make some!)

I "muted" when Chris Pecham came on Spring watch as I found him too patronising.He has toned down a bit now and I did enjoy the butterflies.

Thank you Fairygirl........I  have been very ill for a while and thought I was losing it!!


Jatnik - I have to agree with you about Chris Packham - don't care for his style at all so I don't watch Springwatch - it's what the off button's for! The moth/butterfly was programme was very enjoyable although I missed some of it as I didn't know it was on. I often use the subtitles instead of having the sound on if I don't like the presenters! 



Im glad other people feel that Springwatch has dummed down. Bring back Kate Humble and Bill Oddie. However I do like Chris Packham getting as many song titles from a particular punk band during the last series.

As for Monty his dog shares my name and I keep thinking he is calling me. To be fair I have usually had a glass or two by that time on a friday. I think Monty is an institution and a wonderful advocate for all the good things a garden can do both for its creator and for many other creatures. Long may he reign.

Oh please! Nigel is an utter delight. Such a gentle disposition, with his waggy tail,and general countenance. Monty is superb too. How can anyone not like him?


I love watching Gardeners' World and Nigel is a lovely part of it!


I like seeing Nigel, looking forward to seeing that hedge grow. I dont normally watch springwatch without kate, I've no issues with Packham he can be funny with them Bowie songs. I recorded last nights, watched this morning it was very interesting.

Sometimes I'm teased a little about being Monty, his dad, or his son, etc.  well. When I posted my pics earlier I almost included one of my own dog....golden lab called spike. he was in the background watching me.  He does much as Nigel does.  

Look. I like Monty more and more and Nigel. I have just watched a recording of Beachgrove too, such a happy programme.  We can criticise our politicians, etc but let's enjoy all our tv presenters.  They enjoy what we enjoy.  And we have had plenty of tv progs....and presenters....over past fortnight.