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Hey nut. That's what people always tell me shut up! But I've always got something important to say???? Ha ha
Gardening Grandma

Nutcutlet, you said very little, and nothing inflammatory at all.

 Some people did make points that I could not, in conscience, allow to pass without comment and for that, I cannot and do not apologise.However, we're all gardeners and we value each other and the support we give each other.An interesting discussion is no bad thing, after all.


Thank you gardening grandma. I said little, but better if I had said nothing. It's not a subject for a gardening forum. Remind me to keep out if anything similar crops up.

Oakley Witch
In all fairness I think everyone is entitled to say what they feel. There is no need for people to shut up freedom of speach an all that and I dont think there is any need for anyone to say sorry. We may not agree with everyones opinions but then thats what makes us all different does it not? All it shows is that you are a strong person, everyone that has commented. always being told that if I open my mouth up a bit more I would get the second foot in lol and I always tell my OH thatvthe patio is getting closer and he will be under it lol A spades a spade lol.
Steve the Gardening Vet

I cannot be the only atheist offended by the suggestion in this thread that 'atheists tend to view the world as a commodity to be used...'

Absolute cobblers and I shall say no more as I am very happy to offend the religious for their silly fantasies but this forum is not the place for that.



We are all entitled to our opinions but I still think I'll keep my non-gardening ones off here. Unless I forget. 

hollie hock

Hello allI have been reading this thread and many of the responses have stirred a lot of feelings in me for their inaccuracy and those that are based purely on their belief or faith which can not be proved. Interestingly political beliefs/inclinations soon enter the various arguements.

I do agree Steve,I was offended by the suggestion and so called views that atheists are meant to hold.

I could go on but wont, as this a gardening forum not a religious one or a political ideology forum

Each to their own as far as I'm concerned

Oakley Witch

Mmmm, just opened some chocies...anyone want some??? 



No thanks. I never eat choc after mid day or I'm awake and twitching all night. Same with red wine.

Oakley Witch

Hmmm, and there I was going to share lol 

Yep.....I will.

I love chocolate, Sam, doesn't matter what time of day. Going to have a hot one now, then bed.

Hi good evening to all, having just joined GW I cant quite see the relevance of the Pope resigning,  thought this was a Gardening forum, or am I missing something......! 


Oakley Witch
Hi Beatrice and welcome. Think its a random one off thing. Hope you find the forum as useful as I have

Hi there Sam, thanks for nice message, I like the look of your garden, I have 2 small fairies/angels in the bottom of my garden - yes really!  They are cast iron and hopefully soon be surrounded by spring bulbs.  Im sure I will find the site and forum useful


Hi all . can we all get back to talking about our problems with our gardens and allotments and leave this thread today .


Oakley Witch
Thankyou. Fairies are rare now a days and really need looked after everyone is very helpful on here. They are a great bunch. I will look forward to seeing your pics of plants, bugs and fairies as they multiply

Like I initially posted, this is not the forum for posts about a man of such religious status. There are always going to be frayed tempers and varied comments from people of several differing faiths and beliefs. Everyone is entitled to have their own feelings on such matters. I myself have no hatred or bad feelings toward any person of faith (of any type). After all, I am one of them.