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Oakley Witch

What a cracking collection So you will be busy later then? Do you raise seeds too?

Steve the Gardening Vet

I did some annuals from seed lasy year but nothing exciting. Livingston daisies and clarkia. My veg I do from seed and that was a washout last year!

Oakley Witch

Hmmm. I know what you mean. I have the dreaded wireworm in my veg patch just now. It will be getting evicted very soon though. I took the garden on after 25 years of neglect. First year I havent had a harvest in a long time

Bunny ...
I shall take carrot cake and a flask of tea down to the carrot patch later if anyone needs refreshed

Great buys !!!!


Bunny ...
I make it too , definitely much nicer .
Bunny ...

For later with teaaaaaaa

Highland Jeannie

Lovely, cheers!  (is there a plain choc one there?)


The pope can retire no problem, I heard he has loads of cash in his papal account.

That is good one. Like that learning slowly

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