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its chucin it down ere so im just catching up with the gar /world see whos saying what and on the radio i just heard the pope has decided to retire at i think 82 years old becouse he feels hes to old fa-the-job and the vatican are saying nobodies ever retired alive before theve all died on the job, wot a way to go eh,and i thought gardening was hard enough at least it dont kill us,good luck and bless him hope he gets a nice little allotment to do in his older age hes erned it  


Well, I doubt this is the forum to discuss politics or religion. If it was I would have to disagree with you very much Alan. He doesn't deserve a good retirement, I hope he never has a peacefull nights sleep for the rest of his life and God will deal with him if he sees him. And the last pope to resign was about 600 years ago. 


This isn't really that sort of forum but, discodave I think you are being rather hard. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. He's 85 and he is the first to resign for 600 years, which I think is a sensible decision.

Oakley Witch
I know its not the place but I have to say that in my opinion...relegion has caused so many wars an if they gave all the richies away it would solve and save alot of hungry lives out there. The church was a natzi sympathist so cant say I have anymore to say about him.


Gardening Grandma

Wow! Such strong feelings! I'm not a Catholic but I have respect for Catholics. The RC church has had its times of terrible corruption and massive mistakes, but it has also preserved learning and cared for the poor when nobody much else was doing so. Catholic liberatiion theology in South America actually caused repressive and cruel right-wing dynasties to fall. If the wealth of the Catholic church were given away, it would certainly do a lot to alleviate poverty, but would be a drop in the ocean compared to the result of governments reallocating money now spent on armaments to social care. This is impossible because of the fallen, warlike nature of humanity and it is just that problem that religion deals with. All churches are human institutions and reflect human weakness and failure, but they also point to the hightest ideals and greatest needs of human beings.


If the world was ruled by gardeners it would be a better place.

For so many people to worship one man with so much fervour cannot be right. To see that same man gliding along in his pope mobile and standing in it in all his "splendour" surrounded by thousands of screaming weeping people just makes me see how ridiculous it all is. Gardening matters are so much more relevant and genuine
Gary Hobson

The episode of Monty's French Gardens, shown last Friday, came from a monastery. The people there seemed a harmless bunch.

They seemed far more pleasant than the person who wrote a post above, and whose mind seems to be full of hatred and unpleasant thoughts. If anyone thinks that the pope is wicked, just look in a mirror, and you'll see someone who is a lot worse.

Many of the great gardens of Italy were built by cardinals and popes.

Gardening, politics, and religion have deep and intimate connections. These ideas go right back to the story of the garden of Eden, and earlier.

Bunny ...
I'm sure like everything everyone has their own opinions

As with any institution be it religious or governmental, there is good and bad.  Unfortunately, while there are no doubt good Catholics who live good lives, the Church has a long track record of centuries of bigotry, dodgy politics, cruelty and repression.   Recent revelations about exporting of children to the colonies, locking up and abusing women in the Irish Republic and the sex scandals around the world are cases in point.  This pope was deeply implicated in early sex scandals and preferred to cover up than deal with the problem.

I can well understand the earlier poster's anger if they have suffered through anything the church has done.  I can also understand deep scepticism about the amount of wealth the Church hoards but feel myself that all those magnificent buildings are our joint heritage and are worth preserving as testament to the ingenuity and skills of our forebears.   They don't, however, need all those grace and favour residencies, fancy frocks or limos.  

World poverty will not be solved till all politicians and business people are free of greed and corruption - pie in the sky really but getting better in some quarters though progress is slow in others.  Just look at all the bribery and 'lobbying' that goes on in US politics and all the lobbying in national parliaments and the EU and the diverting of international aid to the third worl to private swiss bank accounts.

Let this pope retire and look to his conscience.  Let the Catholic church elect a modern, forward thinking pope who will recognise the equal humanity of women and gay people.  Some hope I expect.

More importantly, let everyone recognise their own responsibility for their own moral behaviour within their family, social and national circles and not seek to hide behind religion and divine absolution.   And yes, gardeners are practical, pragmatic, optimistic and patient people and we could do worse than require our leaders to be gardeners too.  It would do wonders for their hubris and teach them humility.






I 100% agree obelixx


Well said Gardening Grandma, Obelix and Lyon Greene.

If there was more tolerence, respect and understanding of our fellow men the world would be a better place. By the way, the average income for a Catholic priest in England is about £10,000 a year. C of E nearer £25000. (I'm not a Catholic, but I do think Christ's teachings are good).


The Church of England also has its many, many sex scandals:

Groups of muslim immigrants groom and rape white girls (actually all over Europe as cases are showing) for years and years, with left wing apologists covering up for them.

It all shows that no religion is immune.

The God awful Rowan Williams was so non Christian and militant left that he invited muslims to churches and said Sharia law should be allowed in the UK - what sort of leader does that? A very poor one who should have been shot down years before.


The kindest, most sincere my experience....have been those not associated with religion. Many religious people....and I have many such friends........can be harshly judgemental. Simply no man is above another, pope included, nor should he be worshipped as a god.

I wonder if, as a species, we'll ever grow out of superstition and stop looking outside of ourselves to blame, thank or worship.