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flowering rose

Garlic is the secret of green gardening (by that I mean non chemical use) .I have used it to keep slugs and other nasty pests and to cure and increase health in my plants.So far so good ,I use a spray and I give plants a drink of garlic water,(1 clove to six pints of water left for 2 days before use and keep topping up with water,this gets stronger until it needs a new clove) I spray plants with garlic and around the soil to keep slugs off  and aphids .It also has cured the black spot on my roses and made my plants shrubs much healthier . The only things I  do not spray but spray around are seedlings .Anyone else tried this yet?

ooh flowering rose, great idea, i did use crushed garlic at our old house round the base of my gertrude jekyll rose, i must try this next opportunity!!( we are a house of heavy garlic use, even17 month old loves it!)

sorry , meant to ask, do you crush garlic cloves?

flowering rose

no I leave them whole and they get stronger and stronger until they dissolve and need to be re-placed.

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