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things that shouldn't be flowering at Christmas!

My untidy garden habits led to this geranium staying in its planter on the garage wall and it's flowering on Christmas day!

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Lovely. I have things that have usually disappeared long before now. I'm hoping for a more normal winter this year, not too cold and not too long


Theres an orange welsh poppy flowering in a pot it wasn't planted in. (last years bulbs).

Highland Jeannie

I have 3 flowering stems on an auricula plant; wonder what will happen to it in spring??

Muvs Dashwood

White ostespermum in the front garden flowering beautifully.


David Matthews2

Window box pelargoniums and begonias still going strong here in coastal South West Wales. Hardy fuchsias too have fresh-looking leaves and new flower buds!

*The cynics will say "It'll all end in tears", but being the (hardy) perennial optimist I say "Enjoy it all whilst you can". Merry Christmas! Nadolig Llawen!





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