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So, the growing season is slowing down now, veggies and fruit are being harvested, plants have put on a beautiful show, thanks to the glorious summer we've had. So, it got me thinking: what will I do different next year?

Well, one thing is I will be erecting the second hand greenhouse I bought for £25 last week. Broken panes of glass have been replaced by ones I acquired from Freecycle. I will be using bubble wrap to hopefully keep it frost-free over Winter, so my seedlings have some protection (thankfully nothing that needs heat).

I aim to heat the greenhouse from the very beginning of April next year, as I have found that pumpkin and squash plants that I sowed at the end of April this year just hasn't performed Hopefully those few extra weeks will give me a good harvest next year.

Tomatoes. I always grow them outside, but by the end of July, they become a sprawling mess, so they will definiately be supported next year lol

One of the things I've found fascinating this year is the free plants I have received by selective weeding. I have a rule now to only remove things like couch grass etc., and leave everything else to grow until I definitely know what it is. Because of this, I've had cornflowers, poppies, lupins, love-in-a-mist, and lots of other lovelies growing. So next year, I won't be weeding like a loony (saves me a ton of time too ).

I'll also be protecting soft fruits more, as I have realised chickens can be expert problem solvers........and that they LOVE strawberries

So what will you be doing different next year? Is there something you tried for the first time this year that's really worked for you, and you'll be trying again?

I shall try to keep my shed tidier and save myself from banging my head, grazing my shins and stubbing my toes whenever I try to find something.

Interesting thread Emma

Ive grown new plants this to me that in this garden.  Some were put slightly in wrong places.....moved most of them now....but they have delighted me.  So, I intend to try more plants next year. Going to remove 2 conifers .....they have served their purpose  and are now just occupying space......and plant out new beds.

Also take out all those plants that simply dont earn their keep......a few large clumps of hemerocallis, for example.  Also to add couple more grasses


Jobs for next year.

reline pond (butyl has finally rotted and its a foot lower than it should be.)

Build dry stone wall around oak. The stone is in place, it just needs OH to have a quiet week to do it. Then I can plant new hellebores at front of level raised bed which is currently a slope from the great danes playing king of the castle.

 Put mowing edge of pavers bwtween lawn and herbaceous borders.

Find more little nurseries instead of big garden centres full of foreign grown plants.

 I will not succumb to special offers of plug plants that get eaten before flowering.


Also plant MORE raspberries.



i will also let more things grow where they are first.. then removed what i dont want.. did this last year and i also got some nice little surprises.

i ahve few plants that are in the wrong place.. need shade and not sun.

put most of all next year my new path will be finished (fingers crossed) and i will ahve nice big new borders to fill... and that will be lots of moving around and filling up have some plants ready already:-

 on the vetegable side of it i will not plant so many runner beans... been overloaded with them this year.. and i will plant many more peas and carrots instead and try some french beans. we will not be doing broccoli again as fed up with the butterflies and their eggs this year has been so time consuming.

i will try and sow my seeds earlier as they didnt do so well this year.. my cosmos have been nothing really.

and with all the seeds i hope to get in the swap.. i will ahve lots new plants to work with also.


Plant bush beans again instead of climbers, sick of knotted mess! Only plant 2 indeterminate tomatoes instead of 5 and 2 Tumbling Toms, got toms coming out of my ears! Have a go at potatoes in grow bags and try garlic again. Won't change much in the flower borders, happy with all the perennials this year.

Before I retired my garden was designed for low maintenance, but now i've retired I spend more time in there and need to make the flower beds bigger and the paved and gravel area smaller (plus I'm fed up of the gravel getting kicked all over the place)  I tend to buy plants I like and then wonder where i'm going to put them when I get home, so I will try not to be so impulsive and plan where a plant is going to grow before I actually buy it.  Also last year I was seduced by offers of plug plants and as a consequence had loads that I just couldn't use. Again next year I will be more selective. Fuscias, petunias, panies and petunias I will definitely buy again.  Tomatoes are going strong, both outdoor and in a plastic greenhouse, bell peppers are beginning to turn red and so are chillis but I only have two of these so will plant more again next year, but my green beans were eaten alive by slugs, despite my best efforts to stop them.  Will also be looking for a second hand greenhouse to overwinter and start seedings off to a good start.  Can't wait. 

Oh, not quite gardenImg but I will stop making jokes on the forum because I know they aren't punny, er funny!

Verdun wrote (see)

Oh, not quite gardenImg but I will stop making jokes on the forum because I know they aren't punny, er funny!

how would we know it was really you if you did that Verdun

Next year, as I said last year and the year before, I will not have so many plants I've grown from seed, sitting around in pots, needing attention all summer.

I haven't started well, been swapping seeds already. 

then the local GC will reduce seeds at the end of the season

chiltern seeds will have some reduced, secret seeds the same, other seed lists will arrive. 

oh well, perhaps the year after


I will make sure I have lots of flowers. I was so concerned to get a better handle on the big and overgrown garden that I left it too late to put any decent flowers in. I spent more of my time doing slash and burn than planting. Tidier is good though.

I had some little dianthus which were too small and too scattered to look impressive. I also put in trailing ivy leaved geraniums where I've put upright geraniums before. I put them in just before a three week absence over the hot season and they didn't get off to a very good start and always looked weedy. Big fat proper geraniums next year 

The potty gardener

I want to find things that flower between the spring and summer.

Stacey Docherty

Next year I will Layer more instead of just having mid range plants I will plant a more varied border, using annuals to fill in spaces. Also plant plants appropriate to the site and not just cause I like them!!!!!!


I have been trying to find suitable materials this year so that i can build myself a pizza oven.So far i have only got half of the materials.So it now looks like next year before it will get built,then i think that my garden will be complete,until i get bored .


Not plant so many pots up!  Watering is becoming a chore.....

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