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It has cost me a few quid and I've developed plant envy   but I've got so many more plants now, not just sturdy shrubs, veg & flowers in pots  It's been the "making" of my garden.

Orchid Lady

Ooh cake, thank you 

 What a lovely post/thread David, I agree totally and what a lovely positive way to end the week.

I have been in the garden most of the day and am very, very proud of myself and how it looks, 2 people have been round today and both commented on the garden, even OH commented how good it was looking.  I am bursting with pride, BUT.....and it's avery big  BUT, I couldn't have done it without this forum, I have learned so much it's unbelievable.  So a big thank you to all my friends who have helped me and taught me so much.

Anyway, as the sun is shining I think it's Pimms o'clock 

 Cheers everyone and here's to many more happy gardening days 



I think it's Campari & soda o'clock here 

star gaze lily

Oooh thanks OL, I'll join you with a pimms......or 2  


Have to agree - the forum is AMAZING.  Like having an expert following you round all the time.   ...... and then there's cake


Orchid Lady

I think this should be thread of the month in next month's GW mag 

star gaze lily

Yes Chicky, great help/advice,  great friends...........pimms and cakes!!! 


OL.......hope you saved your Borage flowers for the Pimms............can't have it without

And yes, I second the overall opinion..........a nice place to pick up tips and advice, new ideas and help on practically every aspect of gardening. 

Steve 309

Definitely Pimm's season now, and it's always time for tea and cake.

Yes - even as a relative newcomer i feel that the forum is strong, welcoming and a nice place to be.  Thanks to all.


For me it's both of those instances, and all the other little times that someone remembers to ask how someone is if they've been under the weather, or remind them to pack a smile in their bag on a tough day, and the kindness of gifts of plants and seeds arriving in the post.

Also the patience of everyone - many have answered questions about how to grow tomatoes, sweet peas,  or potatoes, and how to prune a climbing rose, time after time, but no one ever says "Oh for goodness sake, just use the Search".  

And also the way everyone remembers that gardening is meant to be a pleasurable experience and they take on the cheering up of people who've had disasters with slugs or weedkiller or children sitting on a precious plant.

It all just goes to prove that gardeners are very nice people 


And of course, it's the quality of the cakes!!! 



I love Dove's post & David's cake, wish it wasn't  virtual cake

star gaze lily

Don't want to sound ungrateful but, sorry...I love choccie cake but don't like cherries, is it ok if I scrape the filling out 




You can put them on my plate Lily, I love cherries