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Steve 309

OOh...luvverly.  And home-made bread toasted, with home-made jam?  Yum.

Starting to wake up now.


Bob - you're so right about that. We all have differing levels of experience - I've learnt so much from the knowledgeable people here - but what's really nice is that new gardeners have this great source for help and advice which I wish had been around when I started. Instant answers to questions. 

And a joke and a cake or two along the way as you say Steve 

star gaze lily

Fairy, think I might trouble saying the list of Doves words sober this early in the morning....although ooops not that early now 

Toast looks yummy Dove, any going spare 

Morning all, bit of a late start for me.  Couldn't sleep and posted to the forum in the night.  Then wanted to sleep at 5am.  Probably not the only one this happens to.  Coffee and croissants for me.


Orchid Lady

Morning all  That's a good brew Steve 

Mike, you are funny and you know me too well for someone I've never met 

Off to catch up on Forkers x


Steve - now that's what I call a cup of tea.

None of those daft wee diddy cups and saucers for me  



Steve - my OH wants one of those mugs!!! 

As for me, I take my caffeine intravenously 


I just think it's nice everyone who's a regular, without a personal vendetta against certain aspects of GW.. ahem... respects each other, which I think it really important and the main reason I now I have a stab at helping some people's questions. I wouldn't have dared to do that to begin with. I've grown in both confidence and imagination in regards to my gardening thanks to y'all!

Orchid Lady

I once has 2 fish, they were called Joe and Bob and OH won them for me at the fair when we were 17.....they both died and went on the big swim down the toilet


I think that as long as we respect other people's views and can disagree without arguing we'll all rub along together nicely 

Oh, and plenty of cakes of course .......... 

David, nice mug indeed it would save me trailing to the bathroom during the night, about the right size.




 Plenty more where that came from ...

Steve 309


OH here has a sort of bubbly filter machine that does little cups.  I had to use it twice to fill the mug.

Lunchtime soon.