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Oh, what a glorious day: the sun, the breeze,
The blackbird on the wires, the shady trees,
Green grass, blue sky and technicolor flowers:
This is why we work those precious hours.

All the lawns well strimmed and cut last night,
Washing out to dry (but out of sight)
Enjoy the cake, the coffee and the book;
Take time to give your work a good long look.

Live in this moment, take those minutes rest:
It's days like these we'll all remember best.





Only just seen this thread; I totally agree, it is a lovely place with grand people.


Birdy 13 

Sometimes I just sits and thinks

Sometimes I just sit 

Steve 309

OH still dozing on the othe sofa.  I'll have to make our lunch....


Steve 309


I'm playing with my new camera, trying to take macro pics of a bee-fly on OH's chamomile....

Orchid Lady

 David, I thought you said you'd even enjoy reading a post about fish 

Lovely poem Birdy 


Hey Birdy - how are you keeping? Lovely pic (and poem) you posted 


Sorry . Kindle playing up. Nice poem , birdy( not birch)


John Harding

Have booked tickets for Gardeners World Live for Friday 13th. Hope the weather is good this year. 'twasn't too bad last year though it did go cloudy & cool at lunchtime when we were sitting outside having munchies- then started to rain! The afternoon brought a few heavy showers too but we managed to stay under cover for most of it


 Thanks OL for your appreciation.

And hello again Fairygirl. I'm having a better year thank you, although I haven't  really done much work  in the garden this year until the last few days.

What with people  posting about coffeebreaks and it being such a stonking day, I decided this morning, sorry - lunchtime, to enjoy just being in the garden after yesterday's hard work. The poem just described that lovely feeling of justifiable relaxation in one's garden. 

I've just finished planted out in containers all of last year's begonias so I'm feeling virtuous again - that's twice in one day! 


Hello everyone, so this is where you are! Forkers is fairly quiet tonight. I think there is a lovely bunch of people here at the moment too. Been ups and downs in the past but now is good.

Dammit. I too need to book tickets to GW. What with being down the road and all. Almost makes up for forgetting the Malvern flower show. Which is LITERALLY down the road.

Hi guys just seen this thread, wanted to add my bit. I have found some great advice and help here, but struggle to keep up with all the banter. As an IT moron I struggled to find the right place to post questions. Feel a little more confident now. Thank you all for your great advice


Bal - don't worry about the topic you post under. I don't think anyone takes much notice of that - we just look at the query! 



And as for keeping up with the banter - impossible - but don't let that stop you joining in