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Orchid Lady

What......I've missed cakes???  Not fair, virtual cake is calorie free why did no one tell me 

Lots left for everyone, carrot, vic sponge, batenburg?????

Mmmmm carrot cake. My favourite..

I'm off to bed now or 4 O'clock will come too soon. Good night all.

Orchid Lady

4 o clock Pauline??  Urgh, I thought 6 tomorrow was bad enough, I only get up at 4 if we are going on holibobs 


I have a labrador as an alarm clock, so often up at 4, but def dont stay up!
star gaze lily

CAKE!.......I missed it too!!  Could just do with a slice.....after the sweltering heat at work today I must have lost enough to have cake. 

Best thing about having to get up at 4 O'clock for work is that I finish work at 1 O'clock. More time in the garden.

4 O'clock mornings finished now, for a whole week. . Late shift on Monday 2-10. That means no time in the garden after work. .

Orchid Lady

I've eaten a whole packet of biscuits today on my way home that my customer gave me....I blame Bekkie 

How very dare you!, i have too, havent got any excuse like maintaining customer relations either-im just a greedy pig!

Pauline, at least you will get some sleep, the garden grows more when you dont look at it so often, just think what lovely supprises you will find next weekend!
Orchid Lady

And OH has just suggested fish and chips for tea, we've not had them for soooooo long and I'm so tired......will need mega workout tomorrow 


Im lucky that ive decided im now too strict a veggie to eat chippy chips, even tho they may be my favorite!

My OH has offered to do cheese on toast tonight.

Oooo, havent had that for ages! Brown sauce?
star gaze lily

I'm so hot, I can't be bothered. And there's no biscuits in the cupboad to scoff later 

Thats cos me and OL had them all, sorry!