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it is, I wanted to make brownies today with my little helper but hand' t enough choccylala, off to aldi tomorrow early so it's on the list!

I had blueberries, cream and syrup, he had strawbs with icecream, looks like the strawbs have finally finished, has been a great year, but you can have too much of a good thing
Dosent look like it will be too long before the cooking apes are ready, mmmmmm

RM ive never made any sort of bake like that, usually buy it! Sounds yummy
Whats fridge cake?
Wiskey and dark choc sound good

Fridge cake is v naughty combo of dark choc, syrup, butter, digestive bids, dried fruit and nuts all crushed up set in a tray and when set refrigerated, yum, no wonder I still can't get in my old jeans!

Wow! But a bit too much like cooking for me! Will have to share yours!


Orchid Lady

I think RM has shared it before, it's so easy....even you could make it I'm sure Bekkie although OH might not approve 

I would have to eat it in secret!

In his defence, i am very greedy, he told me off for eating too much fruit, i think i was on apple number 9, thinking i was being really healthy!
Its not fair, HE, needs around 3000 to 5000 cal a day and drops weight really quickly, that fridge cake wouldnt touch the sides!
Orchid Lady

Bekkie did you not have tummy ache eating all those apples? I ate two this morning and that was enough 

No, very rarely do from things like that, been veggie for over 20 years, so must have adapted! Have been trying to mix things up recently had a 650g bag of stirfry for lunch, supposed to serve 8! Dunno how!
If nothing else, i should be getting my vitamins!
star gaze lily

Used to make a lot of fridge cake for the boys.................bekkie you could do it, you don't have to cook it!

You are all so cruel!!!!! I have diabetes and am trying to get my weight under control taking part in a NHS Counterweight program have lost 6lbs in 2 weeks mainly reducing amounts and cutting out Cakes and puds and especially BICKIES.

Orchid Lady

Well done Jim, that's great  The good thing about our naughty food as that it's calorie free because it's virtual,you just have to have the will power not to give in in reality, like me yesterday 


Hi Jim not seen you around for many months, good news about your weight loss. How's your garden doing?



Don't think I'm very good at that OL. The girls brought me this sign back from their holidays.....

Think we have something in common Jim....


Orchid Lady even virtual can have a devastating effect.

Kef  Glad to be back with ya.

Garden improving slowly but surely as I'm trying to lose weight going to grow my own veg so any tips and suggestions would be welcomed.

Orchid Lady

My tip is.....don't take tips from me LOL!!  I'm still new to growing veg and have learnt lots this year but have a way to go.  This forum has helped me no end and I couldn't have done it without all the help and support and answers to silly questions 

Orchid Lady

Wow Pauline, that's fantastic.  I need to lose about 2, maybe a bit less now. It's so hard when I like food so much, but have upped the exercise 

Pauline 7 so many congrats to you  it helps others like you to help people like me who need a bit of encouragement  by reading your success.

I have now got to concentrate on exercise as that has been my downfall also avoid sweet treats.