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Salino's that time of year.....a touch of the 'silly season' about the place at the moment.... but I'm not naming names....

It's the full moon Salino.   I can feel it's effect and it's calling me  


..I'm not sure I've noticed any difference where you're concerned Verdun...

Well, I awoke with a beard and still have a shocked appearance 

But,  I like it 


So did i Verdun, quite normal for me tho
Orchid Lady

That's why I couldn't sleep last night......there was an article in the news last month that people,find it hated to sleep when it's a full moon 

It's still the best forum I've been on overall, we just need to rise above the rubbish 


No rubbish on my forum this morning OL.
i've done some ignoring and it all looks lovely


Hi David, yes, there are gaps in a few threads and whole threads have gone if they were started by the person you have ignored.

The latter has proved to be an advantage.





Not surprised to hear it's gone  David.

I won't be seeing the next one fortunately




I know that I am at odds with most of my friends on here, but I am concerned about the way that some people have been treated. The ignore button is great if you dont like or offended by someone, but I cant agree with some people deciding to act as my moral guardian. I can happily do this myself.


Its not only the threads themselves, its the sock puppets that come with it!

He has as many as brum.....

Anyway forget that its past, there may not be anymore.

Conrats to everyone on their weight loss, I think if you call it a diet, it becomes a chore,  I lost 2 stone just by cutting out snacks sweets cake biscs etc, I just didn't buy it, its very tempting when you are in the shops looking at it, maybe a delivery service is best, you don't get tempted quite so much.

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