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Celebration cake this afternoon anyone ?


If I wasn't at work this afternoon Dove, some cake'd be lovely!


Take a doughnut with you Sweetpea, but mind you hide it from Verdun! 



David that looks great - shall I put the kettle on about 3.30 


That cake does look lovely  I love the forum too 

I'll make sure I'm around for 3.30 Dove!


It makes me happy when I feel really down, I' ll make brownies! 


It certainly is David. Lots of new people joining recently

Great advice and ideas from members, great photos, and a laugh along the way. Can't beat it  plus plenty of cake that isn't fattening

Scott Edwards

I've eaten my cake so no photo I'm afraid.


David K - was the raspberry jam made from home grown raspberries too?  Looks yummy.


David,you are quite right about the forum. I've learnt so much since registering here,being able to upload pics of plants I can't name in my garden has enabled me to gather knowledge about their habits,characteristics etc. I can then take a course of action rather than repeatedly looking at an unknown plant and scratching my head.Of course the same applies to other people uploading pics,an expert member IDs it and we all learn a bit more.

I think there is another factor that makes these forums so friendly and that's a lack of competition. I'm a member on a poetry site where we post our own poems for others to comment on,but at the same time you have to comment on three poems by other people to every one you post. Without openly stating it,there is an element of competition.Who's poem is the best,who gets their poems 'spotlighted' the most etc. Yes I've made some good friends there,but that kind of 'edge' still exists. Here there is none of that and I find it refreshing and comforting 

star gaze lily

Oooh yum! Save a piece for me please 

Love it on here, everybody is so helpful with my questions and IDs, supportive and friendly. And a bit of fun along the way.

And fishys right,......... no competition or  making you feel inferior.

Agree with David.  It's a must do thing for me now to nose into the forum when I get a moment or two.  I think it does get better and better.  

I find it nice to,be able to get opinions,options, etc about where I want to plant something too.  Often someone's idea opens up a hitherto not thought of idea. 


 Better late than never folks!  I got sidetracked by some dead-heading 

It's the friendliness that makes this such a good place to be 


Ooo, lovely, thanks Dove 


I've been introduced to a such lot of plants I would never have thought to grow.  Pictures of other folks gardens/plants/allotments etc have been inspiring.

David K - I asked such a silly question - home grown it must be. 



Hope I'm not too late.  Have only just come in for a rest and of course the first thing I do is look at this forum.  Hadn't even put the kettle on so I'm delighted that Dove has saved me the trouble - looks delicious

Yummy dove , thanks, yes I agree fee

ls like you' re among friends