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I felt like starting this thread, as yesterday and today I have been saddened to read the threads such as 'what is happening' and 'no private club'. Some people have been so juvenile, and I am happy,happy, because in these two days, in springlike weather, I have planted beet root,more peas,early potatoes, and tidied the greenhouse which is full of rapidly growing veg seedlings. Let's be thankful that the weather is going to improve, the plants are going to grow, and in a few weeks,hopefully,sitting in the garden,in the warm sun,with a cold beer,this crap winter will be just a memory! How about a few more of you post some happy thoughts ( I know there have been plenty even on the two forums mentioned above ) - I've had enough of some of the doom and gloom caused by the few idiots stirring up the forum - so I'm happy,happy - I'm out of all this for the summer.

Yeah me too. The Shredder is playing up, my back is very very painful, the woodshed fell down in the snow, a badger has dug up and eaten every tulip in the bottom half of the garden. BUT the sun is shining, there are lots of flowers out and I can get out there and do things. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pennine Petal

Afternoon Pentillie, brings a song to mind, sorry habit of mine and I can't seing, but love to. Happy talking, talking, happy talk ...... or even Always look on the bright side of life, de dum de dum, de dum, de dum. Sorry earworms will be in your head all day now.

Trying to work and the birds outside keep distracting, but they make me smile, as does my cat Rocky who is very affectionate, and the primroses in the garden


pentillie- you're so right 

I have no compost bin here and wonder what people would recommend as a temporary measure until I get the garden organised and some permanent ones put in place. Always made wooden ones and had leaf bins as I had a lot of trees. Should I opt for a cheap wooden one or plastic?? All info gratefully received 


I was so happy yesterday, lovely day, planted my potatoes and baby lettuces and oriental poppies. Today much colder, keeps raining - but I'm off to England tomorrow (weather or not) 



Oh how good to read something possitive here for a change.  So just for the record I too feel happy happy ,happy. So far I've had a lovely day doing what I want to do.No gardeneing for me today but I have enjoyed the last 30 minutes sitting in the conservatory looking out into the garden mentally planning what to do or change out there and watching the birds.  My OH is working happily upstairs in his office and I'm looking forward to my son returning home from his weekend away and hearing all about it. So yes a very happy bunny here 


tattiana- I often reckon we don't stop enough  and just take it all in. When I hillwalked regularly it was astonishing how many people were just hellbent on 'Munro bagging' and didn't really seem to be enjoying the day and the walk itself. What's the point if we don't take time out now and again to survey our estate- whether it's 20 yards or 20 acres


Well, you can tell from my name on this site I go in for happiness blogging, so justchoose the threads with happymarion as instigator when you feel low.  I'll always do my best to be upbeat.

Happy but broke, just ordered some tough touch gloves from Amazon (hope to goodness that these ones fit!), so that when they arrive, I can go to town on those damn brambles and see them off, before it's brambles 1, MMP1.

Can't believe a plant can be so evilly scratchy even when it's dead (or playing dead).  I will be back for the roots too, when I can see the bottom of the garden.

hollie hock

Hi Pentille, I'm happy because the majority of seeds I sowed are still alive and waiting for some more sunshine to get them really going and I've got loads more to sow

I've got one of those darlek ones Fairygirl, did get some useable compost out of it last year , in the veg raised beds as we speak.  I don't have a lot of space. Think the trick to any compost is to keep turning it


Thanks Hollie. I've made my own bins in the past but as I've moved and I'm going to be doing some building work I wanted a temporary solution but I also didn't want to buy something that would be useless. As you say turning it is the key. Always had great success with leaf mould -using a wire bin and also the black bag method.

the tidy gardener

lovely post!

Ive been out today too,the sun was shining,it was a bit windy,but i caught up with a lot of jobs and sat on my summer house steps with my dog and took a good look at my garden.Im happy too as the new dog from next door was outside too,and instead of going mad barking she was allright.

so happy happy joy joy spring had certainly sprung here in my garden!!

The potty gardener

I'm happy that spring really is trying now. Spent yesterday in garden. Sat and read for awhile then tidied up. Got more supplies today, so hope I can carry on tomorrow

@ Fairygirl - might be worth contacting your local council, ours offers plastic daleks at very discounted prices.
figrat wrote (see)
@ Fairygirl - might be worth contacting your local council, ours offers plastic daleks at very discounted prices.

Cheers figrat will definitely try that!



My seedlings are all taking off too, have a greenhouse full of plants transforming themselves from dead sticks into fluffy mounds of green, and it was sunny all weekend !  Whats not to like ??

So, yes, I am feeling v. happy too.

Do you think we could bottle this gardening stuff?  We could make a fortune selling it as a miracle tonic ....


I'll tell you a happy tale about what gardening does for you.  Fifteen years ago I had a slight stroke and was put on tablets to lower my blood pressure.  Two months ago I started having dizzy spells and went to see my doctor.  after a week of BP monitoring he took me off the tablets.  When I asked was it because of my age being nearly 85 now, he said no it was they were no longer appropriate because of my healthy lifestyle.  i garden every day either in my own hlf acre or doing voluntary gardening for others.  Bo problems - prescribe youself some gardening.



Marion - what a lovely tale !  I'm smiling again.  Have to watch it, my family think I am turning in to a bit of a nutter ...

Highland Jeannie

That's great news Marion.

What's also great is that you can garden in half an acre & when that's done you're off to find more!!


It's great time of year, everything just ready to go. Sowed seed yesterday, checked in the propagator this am but they weren't up. Maybe tomorrow. 3 days is my quickest germinate to date. Might beat that this year.