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Woodgreen wonderboy

Red kites have now been seen near where I live in the New Forest, hope to see them myself soon.


I know what you mean artjak...the male Blackbird song is quite lovely.


Is there really any better song than a blackbird?

(apart from Placido...)

Sheer heaven. (both of them!)

Pentillie that must have been an incredible site. Birds of prey are magnificent. It sickens me when people steal eggs- can't believe it still happens nowadays. It's still a thrill to see a buzzard even though I've seen them hundreds of times and they're common here. I'd love to see an eagle 'in the flesh'- something I've not experienced.

It was great FG ......... Red kites have to be the most striking bird of prey I've ever seen - their mainly red colour,with black wings, flashes of white,are really highlighted when they circle in bright sunshine. Yesterday the weather was perfect - warm, sunny, breezy. I would think that in my part of the Chilterns they are now one of the most common birds. Yesterday was a good day for wildlife, with a few Brimstone butterflies in the garden, and in the evening, the blue butterflies appeared - they like the fir trees we have.


Wow, didn't realise Red Kites are so big. I've only seen them very high in the sky at my sister's in Mid Wales.

Fairygirl, I think the song thrush has an even more gorgeous song than the blackbird. I love the way he repeats phrases. They disappeared from my area for many years and only returned recently so I value them even more now. I stood and watched one on my bungalow roof yesterday and it made my day - but I love the blackbirds too


Woodgreen wonder boy, i was on holiday in the new forest a few years ago and saw a red kite several times. We had stayed at Gorley. It was a pleasure  to see. We stayed at the samre place and saw so many lovely things and yes it makes me so happy to have these wonderful memories

Pottie Pam

I was lucky enough to go up to London last year to see 'Warhorse'. We stayed overnight with friends near Oxford and saw lots of red kites. We have lots of buzzards in Cornwall but it makes the news if a red kite is spotted here.

Over the last few years there are lots of greater spotted woodpeckers about. Really pretty birds. When the electricy poles on our fields were inspected they said one had to be replaced as woodpeckers had been nesting in it. I thought it was a joke at first and laughed when he told me. Why dig a hole in a electricy post when there are lots of trees about?


Birds are great aren't they- they do their own thing despite us humans!

Flo we don't get song thrushes here- plenty of mistle thrushes which are lovely too. Long tailed tits are gorgeous - one of my favourites. 

Am I right in saying there's a pub in England  where they feed Red Kites and they visit every day? I'm sure I saw it on the news or something a while back.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks Maud, Gorley is very close to where I live but I am still to see my first local Red Kite...I really must stop staring at the ground... it must be the gardener in me. always looking for weeds.


Everyone thats seen  Red Kites are so lucky.

I,m happy beacuse Springwatch starts tonight

hollie hock

I have had a very happy day following an art trail in a town close by. Springwatch another bonus

i just love being in the garden and listening to all the different birds. but i agree that the blackbird is unique. sometimes i whistle back to it and it can go on for ever. hopefully, the neighbours don't realize it's me. haha

the robin is also a really nice song too. aren't we lucky to be able to just sit and relax and listen to the birds and to watch their behaviour.

our birdfeeders are always visited by many different birds. we have a pair of bramblings now and then. woodpeckers and jays too. even long tailed tits, which are quite shy normally. we see many tree creepers running up the tree. i could just sit here forever preferably with my cup of tea on hand and my kindle. bliss!!!

We watched a tiny blue tit eating bugs off our flourishing monkshood- an absolute joy. Like the man said, take time to stop and stare!


NannyB, Last summer I tried imitating the wonderful blackbird (not only does he sing but he composes too) he listened to me trying to copy him and then went off on such a sophisticated riff that there was no way I could copy him.

Our garden tends to be the place for the pigeons, jackdaws and magpies.  At least if they in ours then they are not in any one elses.  Dont tend to find many smaller birds although husband did put up feeder and said that some blue tits visited it.



The big birds I get are; pheasants, who tear up the lawn, pigeons, collared doves who sit on the fence grooming each other, or kissing (do birds kiss?) a huge jay and the wretched sparrow hawk who kills the goldfinches.


artjak, I don't know if they kiss, but they grieve. A pair of collared doves sat on the fence next door for a full day making noises, I couldn't understand what was wrong with them, and then I saw a pile of feathers on the drive, I think it was their little one that had been killed. They eventually started leaving one at a time and swapping over. They finally left at dusk. 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Victoriajane, If you put up a feeder with niger seed you are pretty much guaranteed to attract goldfinches, at least in the winter/spring...I did and they were there most of the time, altho' they seem to have gone off somewhere else to have their babies


Birds are such a great joy in the garden and especially now when they are so busy feeding young. I love to see the youngsters following mum or dad demanding to be fed, they make me laugh.

Fairygirl, long tailed tits are my favourite garden birds

It's sunny here, hope everyone else has their fair share too


KEF, how amazing.