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WW- lovely story about the great tits. 

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

I am happy because we are going to England on Sunday and we will visit lots of gardens and, hopefully, buy some lovely plants.

I might forget at the weekend so just wanted to say have a lovely visit back home Busy. Are you bringing a trailer for all the plants?


I haven't been to ESK Bev, is it a GC? We will be going to the Paradise one in Newhaven.

I hve an estate car so there is room for plants. But I always worry that customs will remove them.They haven't so far.



CN That is so lovely, something you'll always remember.

The potty gardener

Lizzie ESK is a sell it all type warehouse thing but they have their own plant part which sell plants they mostly grow in their own nursery. Let me know when you'll be visiting Paradise park, see if we can meet up.

Charlie how wonderful. I am very jealous



CharlieN, how fabulous


I'm happy to see this thread again. It's been lovely to have quite a bit of time in the garden

Charlie - how wonderful   

I just love it when the seeds I planted germinate and grow on to become what they are meant to be.. lovely. Also, seeing runner beans find their way so gracefully up the canes, so clever. Nature is wonderful.
Woodgreen wonderboy

I tasted some tiny fresh broad beans straight from the pod... nature's sweets.


I'm happy because it's warm, and I've done garden inspection in my summer dressing gown and not winter one


I would have to do garden inspection in a mac this morning.

I,m happy for the plants who needed a long drink.


That rain was forecast for us Gilly but I can see on the met office website that it's not coming here. 

I'm happy that the strawberry bed at the allotment is packed with ripe fruit and all I need is some Cornish clotted cream and a deckchair in the garden.....

Woodgreen wonderboy

Bowl of Beauty peionie now open. Was there ever a more beautiful bloom?


I am so happy that it rained; it not only saves me time in waytering, the plants prefer it to tap water


Happy or what ! Today in the lovely weather I was picking black,red, and white-currants, strawberries, raspberries, and at the allotment,pounds of peas,cauliflower,brocolli,potatoes,broad beans,summer cabbage - that's what gardening is all about! This evening, sat on the patio with homemade spaghetti Bol, made with fresh tomatoes and peppers from the GH - all washed down with some ice-cold rose wine. If weather stays like this,will be off to the coast in the next few days - must have a swim in the ocean!

Sounds brilliant pentillie.  You dont  say if it was from your own allotment that you picked all that stuff?  Lol


What a great thread ! I'm happy drinking coffee in my garden and smelling the mock orange waft about in the occasional breeze. I'm also happy to have found this thread.

I've picked loads of veg today, most of it's still young and tender.

Every so pleased with the courgettes, green one's being picked, the yellow one's have just started to grow and I'm hoping the plant not yet showing anything are either round courgettes or squash lost the labels long ago      

Spent the best part of the afternoon on a sun lounger, in the shade, reading.

The potty gardener

Feel so happy just because the sunshine is so good for the garden