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Today I feel so happy because ... there are loads of people on the forum with great suggestions, advice and a sense of humour. Thanks all.

The potty gardener

Mrs Garden. Thank you for starting this thread up again. I feel happy because the front of my house is looking great


Hello again. I'm happy because we've had a good summer after all (even though I will have a huge water bill!), the garden has done pretty well, all my 4 children and 6 grandchildren came to stay this summer and we are off to Venice next week.


i am very happy as my new path is underway.. i may even post piccies if i get to take some.. and then with it comes some new big borders oooow goody.. more plants.. cant wait..

Lavender Lady

I, too, am a very happy gardener.  What a glorious summer we have had, lots of sun and a little rain to keep us ticking over.  The garden is looking beautiful - even my 10 yr old neice who visited yesterday commented on the garden looking very colourful.  I grew lots of cosmos this year and have been very pleased with them, they just keep on flowering and the bees love them. 


I'm pleased, there's been blooming flowers in the garden since crocus came up in February...that doesn't sound quite right  

I've over planted mega style this year in a new flower bed, without realising how much room some plants would need or the height they would reach, you live and learn...nothing ventured nothing gained...Zoomer makes a mental note to read all the information on seed packets next year...and not just buy seeds because she likes the picture on the's all good happy gardener  .

Faith in human nature is restored! Went to my local farm, Lacey's at Studley Green in the Chilterns, where they have an award-winning herd of Guernsey cattle. I went to their farm shop, lovely old flintstone dairy building, and bought some home-made chocolate ice-cream ( Guernsey milk and Guernsey cream), and some full-cream milk. The shop also had cream, honey, jams and new-laid eggs - all produced on the farm, which is quite a large operation.

The reason for this post is that the shop is unmanned, and you simply write what you take in a big ledger, and put the appropriate money through a postbox in the wall ( there is also a big bowl full of small change should you need it!)

The stock must be worth a few hundred pounds, and I could have taken anything. I just love the fact that, in this gorgeous setting, the owners are happy to trust us all to do the right thing. Well done, all at the Farm!


sounds like a nice place with nice people 


Certainly restores your faith in humanity, especially after today's news headlines about greed and vile actions.

The homemade Chocolate ice cream sounds divine

The potty gardener

I'm so happy today for two reasons-

firstly I got absolutely loads done today. I even worked through my break and lunch time .

Secondly my daughter is giving me money for some new dresses since I've lost weight .

Ice cream wasn't cheap KEF, but, oooooooooh the taste - just the best I've had 

Can't believe I've not bothered to go there before!

PG - my wife is getting clothes from daughter as She lost weight ( but hopefully she will get them back soon  )

hollie hock

Good to see this thread back in action......sounds like a great place Pentille and well done potty gardener.

I'm happy because the weather has been beautiful, loads of flowers still going  and my new temporary greenhouse/square polytunnel is still up and getting close to watertight(ish)

Feeling happy today too.  Nice associations.  Agree this is a very pleasant thread


That farm sounds idyllic, but I bet a lot of hard work goes into it. I'm glad you're still with us Pentillie, someone asked about you recently and I remembered you as the one who started this lovely thread.

Well done for the weight loss pg. That sounds strange, I think of you as Bev.

It was a lovely day today, planted up 5 troughs and a pot this afternoon.

hollie hock

Done no gardening what so every, but I'm happy that one of my cats who has been awol for the last 48 hours has come home


The potty gardener

I'm happy today because it's the weekend- now would like somenice weather so I can get outside

I am happy - daughter was told by her consultants that following her operation two weeks ago, and six months of chemotherapy,there is now no trace of her tumour, and the surrounding tissue is clear. In a months time she will start a four week course of radio-therapy, but things look so much better than they did last summer.

Snowdrops are coming out all over the garden, a few bumble bees are floating around the porch, and all the little birds are re-appearing - a bit early to say it, and probably tempting fate, but I can almost smell spring!

Pentillie....THAT IS THE GREATEST NEWS.  Look to the future now 


Wonderful news, Pentillie, so happy for you both!


So lovely to hear that news .