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Pentile, I am so very happy for you. A real reason to smile  You and your family must be so pleased x


I'm very happy for you and your daughter. What great news. We had good news too before Christmas, OH's great nephew was declared clear of cancer too.


excellent news, Pentillie and for you too Busy-lizzie.

What a wonderful day it will be when a cure for cancer is found 

star gaze lily

Oh Pentillie, I am so very pleased for you, what wonderful news. My very best wishes to you and all your family, now and for the future.  Love Lilly xxx


Orchid Lady
Pentillie, that is fantastic news.....I'm sorry I was moaning a bit on the other thread now. Here's to a happy summer for you and your family
Pottie Pam

Wonderful news Pentillie. I'm always amazed how we can feel our cyber friend's pain and share in their joy.

Verdun is right about finding a cure for cancer. Although treatments are improving how often do we hear that the best drugs are too expensive to use.

Millions have been spent on a space probe to land on a distant comet. Athough fascinating how much better for mankind would it have been to spend the money on medical reseach.


Pentillie & Lizzie,  for the both of you and your families.

Busy, sorry.  missed that news about your great nephew.  

I think a few on the forum have had great news about cancer both before xmas and after.


Pentillie - so pleased to hear such very good news 

star gaze lily

Sorry Busy,  my very best wishes to you too, great news about your great nephew x


Busy, I missed your post too - that's brilliant news   


Thanks everyone, it's great, did I say he's only 22?

He can now get on with his life busy and be as happy as poss 


Orchid Lady
I missed that too Lizzie! sorry. Fantastic news, especially when he is so young

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