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Marion, you're a real inspiration. Isn't it amazing how after a day spent in the garden all memories of the horrid, cold weather disappear. Keep it up everyone, Aslan is on the move


Marion you really are an inspiration  I'm going to take a bit of your medicine and get out in the garden today, not sure where to start but it'll make me happy. 

Stay happy everyone


Our drab, drear sky in Brietol is gradually brightening and i can feel my spirits lifting.  We did need the rain in Bristol for the gardens so that was a plus but it was so dark this morning i thought it might be another writing day and i had made up my mind when April came I would only write when it was too dark to garden.  I don't mind gardening in the rain as it makes the weeds easier to pull but the dark under my loads of trees is a no-no.  I surround myself with plants in the house during the winter, lots to eat like salads and herbs and flowers to remind me of what is to come.  Here is a corner of my kitchen right now.



Marion my kitchen's starting to look like a potting shed! I bought a table a few days ago with the intention of eating at's covered in seeds and pots  We're to get the rain on Thursady here I think.Getting too used to the dry days though!

Have to back to work now and it's beautiful outside and warmer...


Lucky you Fairygirl.  Chilly and wet today.  My kitchen looks beautiful, no plants, but discovered the cooker is white as is the floor and I have work surfaces.  Now for the hoovering. 

Will be all ready for when the sun shines again. 



Yes, I decided if we are going to have dull days I need to clean the windows and mirrors and pictures that have glass fronts so the house now smells of vinegar and washing up liquid as that is what i use to clean glass. All except the kitchen which now smells of my lovely pasta ake for my lunch.  As I have a committee meeting in my lounge tonight i must not get tired in the garden .  Need all my wits about me.


Pasta bake sounds good Marion! Contemplating what to do with chicken for dinner Roast pork last night was not very good-too fatty  (made lots of apple sauce which was nice though!) Chicken and roast veg soup was very tasty!

Tina my kitchen looks nice at the 'business' end (I like a tidy workspace!) but the other end looks like an allotment!

Still feeling happy! Weather is lovely and I managed to drive peacefully to and from the allotment this afternoon - school holidays, hence no 'mad women' hurtling dementedly around the town, getting hysterical in their Chelsea Tractors, as they realise they are running late to pick up the little darlings. Such a sunny,placid day - only thing missing was the bees buzzing in the garden; bit early yet I think.
Spring is here!

The moles are ruining the Roadside border, the badgers have dug up and eaten all the tulips in the bottom area, I bought too small a net for the Fruit cage, I have bitten my tongue badly and it hurts and I am still HAPPY. Worked outside all day, the Pulsatillas are just about to flower and we have been married 44 years yesterday. What could be better?

Congratulations....hope you have many more (badger and mole-free) years!
The potty gardener

Berghill- how lovely to have been married 44 years. I've been divorced three times and always envy people who find someone and then spend years and years happily together.

Still I'm happy that the weather seems to have changed at last

hollie hock

I'm still happy as today an aubreitta that I bought for 50p last year and nervously cut back hard last year,  is starting to flower and the plant is is 3 times as big.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend as I will be sowing some annuals and watching the late spring show come out.


Congrats Berghill! It's always good to hear success stories about people - especially when it's about long and (hopefully!) happy relationships 

Nice when a bargain turns out well Hollie!


Wow Berghill - thats a milestone!  Congrats to you and Mrs Berghill


Jess is in the Garden

Ouch Berghill!

Thanks Pentillie - your post has made me smile and you are so right - I am happy too - weather predictions for north London are on the up (20 degrees end of next week - digging out the Tshirts!) and we all 3 spent a lovely afternoon pottering in our tiny garden - OH tidying shed, daughter aged 5 watering with her small can and me removing the latest neighbourhood cat poo from new beds, inspecting my new plants and dreaming about all the other ones I still need to buy (but can't rwally afford - hey ho!) 



I mentioned this on A to Z so sorry to repeat myself but I was thrilled to find the nest of baby balckbirds in the camellia bush this morning. Well snuggled down but three little beaks. I went indoors with a very soppy grin on my face.


Oops, forgot to change Easter-themed avatar. I'm a bear really