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Have just confirmed that mother blackbird is sitting again

And I have some seeds germinating  Lots to look forward to


I counted 27 different types of veg I've planted, they all seem to be doing well except for peppers; will have to go and buy some seedlings


Thanks artjak

Another beautiful warm day, spent mostly at the allotment which is now looking pretty trim. Another few weeks and the judges pay their first visit to look at the plots - Allotment of the Year competition! This lovely weather helps us to keep everything looking Spock and span - these little allotment communities could only be in Britain.

The potty gardener

I'm feeling happy because my son helped me remove a nasty spikey yukka plant from a big pot which I can now use for more sweet peas.




I am happily watching the blackbird sitting on eggs by the side of the kitchen window. 

 They built the nest last year in the clematis and I never expected them reusing it. The daffs and tulips are out, the primulas look amazing....My flower and veg seeds have nearly all germinated.I'm a very happy bunny.


And rightly so homebird- looks delightful! Isn't it great when you have birds nesting and you know where they are so that you can keep a special look out for them. It's such a simple pleasure and we overlook so many of those nowadays because we have busy lives. I'm a great believer in just taking time to appreciate those little things. 

Gardening Grandma

THe SUN HAS COME OUT THIS MORNING!  This is enough cause for celebration around here!   OH are off for a day out and I fancy going to the National Botanic Garden (Wales) which has a fabulous glasshouse and walled garden, among other things. Last year we went in February and it was great. It'll be even better now.

What's more, the increased light should make my seedlings have a bit of a spurt today.

A belated welcome to Kef.


What sun??? It's not here today - we have the wet stuff instead - but the garden does need it - everything will really start to grow now 

Yes, Welcome Kef 

Welcome KEF.

Its now got,to the panic stage for me......trying to get everything sown or planted out. In a normal spring we would all be further on I think

Have nice day.

Gardening Grandma

Hi, Verdun.   Have decided to plod on and not worry about whether I am planting late. But then, I'm not really trying to get a crop of veg., just a lovely place to enjoy and be creative in! 


Thank you for the welcomes. Doing my best not to be a fair weather gardener, but it's chilly today & now started raining, I had planned on turfing some of the plants out of the old greenhouse that have been overwintering but a chance of frost tonight. Looks like they get a bit longer inside.

I'm happy because when checking them yesterday I found a baby tree peony has germinated...I'd read about ways of germinating these "difficult " seeds, but I just stuffed it in a pot of multi purpose and left it in the greenhouse and here it is. Don't really know where it will go but I was just wanting to see if I could germinate one.

Hope the sun shines for you.


Thank you, KEF, for liking my garden. My garden makes me happy.

homebird, your garden looks lovely.

Here is my garden in Spring last year.



BL it looks lovely. Bet you can't wait for better weather & spring at last !

flowering rose

I am happy as I have walked along Sand Bay and wood spring headland where the yellow gorse is flowering and as you pass it smells of coconut.This headland is so peaceful and the scenery is lovely .you can see right over to wales and into the hills,you can see the sugar loaf and the black mountains.With the dogs no better place to be on  a nice day except on horse back on the Mendips,I am happy.


hollie hock

I'm very happy that everything is growing, blue skies and lovely spring flowers.

GG, did you get to the Botanical gardens? Went there last year and had a lovely day out.

KEF, if it's chilly and raining then I generally dont go out

Gardening Grandma

I did get to the Botanic Gardens, Hollie Hock, thanks, and as ever I loved it. It really is a lovely place and at this time of year, the glasshouse is a real taste of summer. There were birds living and singing in there, and there are even nesting boxes for them. There is a waterfall in there with a wide, shallow pool beneath it and quite large goldfish were swimming about contentedly even where the water was only a few inches deep. We sat in the sun, with the breeze blowing in through the vents in the roof and rippling the tre branches, and ate lunch with the birds hopping about us. It was quite idyllic. 




hollie hock

Sounds like you had a great day GG The glasshouse is amazing inside and out.

Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

What a lovely thread! I haven't found it until now.

I have some acrylic mirrors in the garden framed with driftwood that I bought in a craft show in Dorset. They were under £20 each. The reflection is not as natural as glass, though. There's  nothing exciting to reflect in this small garden except greenery and, sadly, absolutely no vistas, but they do allow the eye to travel a bit further and help soften the boundaries. The best we could manage for vistas was to reclaim the bit if land that held the greenhouse, which is longer than the rest of the garden, and put a bench at the end of it and a curved path leading to the bench. I have started to plant the borders around the path. A large clematis planted last year will, I hope, start to grow over an arch to help hide the houses behind without stealing too much of their light. That thought makes me happy!

 I sympathise GG, my garden is small too.Wider than longer but manage to get a bit of 'distance' by emphsising corner to corner planting - takes the eye away from the fence (which now has clematis and hopefull sweetpeas ready  to burst into colour). Mirrors will be great if I can get the angle right!

Just happy to have everything in place, for once. Sunny, cool wind today, coffee moring here with neighbours - catch up time!


Lovely to photos that have been posted. Today not promising to be any better than yesterday, but did get out and do a few things..after the dreaded supermarket trip. Been tidying up pots in greenhouse ready for ousting to the patio when it warms up & when hubby has pressure washed it. That was last years new toy and it hasn't been out of the box yet.

I'll be happy to see him in his wellies with pressure washer in hand, maybe promise of a curry tonight will do the trick. Or maybe I'll have a go, see if I can break it!