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I'm pretty sure it's catepillers that are eating my greenhouse tomatoes, although I can't find any.

Is there anything I can use to kill them without poisoning the family?


It's the tomato moth caterpillar...there's another thread with exactly the same problem!

I wouldn't spray but be vigilant - look on the underside of leaves etc and pick off any you see

Yes Mary, prob caterpillars.  I deter them by hanging a fine mesh drape across the door opening and window opening.  Dont point growing your own if you have to spray.  Often caterpillars are motionless on the stems or they are under the leaves.....difficult to see very often.  I find they usually focus on one plant.  


The tomato moth caterpillar is seriously good at hiding.  This is the first year for many that I've been free of it - hooray!  They like hiding in a vertical position against stems, canes etc. during the day.  If you go in with a torch in the night, you have a better chance of catching them and if it's really quiet may even be able to track them down by listening for them munching away.

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