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Hello Hamza, I have got carrots, leeks and a small amount of sprouting broccolli in the garden. In the greenhouse there are Japanese spinach seedlings and some mint. In late January I shall sow Aubergines and peppers in seed trays probably in the house as it will be warmer for them to germinate, then they will be moved to the greenhouse which is heated to be above the frost level.

In the house I am growing bean sprouts using Mung beans that you can buy dried in most supermarkets; soak them over night in cold water, drain, then put into a large jar (like an old pickle jar) with some muslin or other fine fabric on top held in place with a rubber band. Rinse every day with cold water and keep in a cupboard in the dark. (I keep mine next to the mugs for tea so I always see it each morning and remember to rinse the beans!) after about 5 or 6 days they should have grown a bit; you can then place them on a window sill; still remember to rinse them at least once a day and then after 2 days they should be ready to put in salads.

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